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VOL 10 ISSUE 12   December 2007


Final Issue? The End of Era?  
by Mark Greenawalt

For the past 8 years I have "dilligently" updated this little newsletter I call the Green Pages. Occasionally I was on-time, but now as I write this final issue I am six months late in writing this edition. I'm working on a new format for reporting the news on my latest projects and at this point I'm am leaning toward doing a podcast at I would like to invite you all to register for my podcast. I have some pretty cool bodypainting gigs coming up which include a trip to the Playboy Mansion, a trip to Nashville, and even a trip overseas to a bodypainting festival in the United Kingdom. There is plenty going on to write about, but it just hasn't been my priority to update this newsletter unfortunately. I've recently bought a piano and that has rekindled my passion for playing music and singing. Hopefully some of the upcoming reports will include something from the musical side. I've also been dabling with a video camera to do some film projects that may soon warrant a little update. The kids are now 9 and 14 and my wife and I are enjoying some home renovation projects so I've been busy on the homefront too.

I'd like to thank everyone who has supported me and my endeavors throughout these past 8 years (and many of you long before that). I will maintain all of you on my mailing list and I hope to send out occasional notices when I have updated my website. Whether it's new bodypaintings, music, magazine articles, movie projects, or something that I haven't even thought of yet, I'll post it on as soon as I can.

If there had been Green Pages for the months of January through July 2008, below are some of the images and their brief descriptions that you might have seen...


A Mid-Year Project Update to Close Out The Green Pages  
by Mark Greenawalt

Playtime Cover for 2008 Superbowl This shot was for the cover of Playtime Magazine's Superbowl Issue in January of 2008. We did the painting before we knew who would be in the game, but I had a pretty good idea that blue and red would be probable colors. The photographer for the cover shot was David Brandt and the model was Alicia. The number 8 signified the new year of 2008, by the way.

Bourbon Street Circus VIP Pass for Superbowl Well the Superbowl was obviously in Phoenix this year so I did several football themed projects. This one was for Bourbon Street Circus in Phoenix. They used this image for their VIP passes for the week of the Superbowl. This time the number 42 represents the Superbowl number and the jersey is loosely based on the official jerseys for the "Big Game".

Budbowl Superbowl Party with Paris Even model Paris Harshman got into the football spirit for this bodypainting at the Budbowl Party at the Owl's Nest in Scottsdale. Live entertainment that night was provided by Naughty by Nature.

CMM magazine cover Bond Goldfinger This was a magazine cover shoot that I did with photographer Mondo and model Heather Newton. The theme was a retro look at the Life Magazine cover for the James Bond movie Gold Finger.

Marvel Zombies at Phoenix Comicon 2008 I first painted Mystique and then She-Hulk for the 2008 Phoenix ComiCon Convention. Then I destroyed this make-up along with Rogue and Elektra to make them Marvel Zombies during the Zombie Beauty Pageant at the event.

Zombie Spiderman at the Phoenix ComiconMy youngest son attended the ComiCon convention with me so he got to be Zombie Spider-Man and meeting the Marvel Zombie artist Arthur Sudyam.

A'Shared Hett character from Star WarsI also painted actor Joel Cranson's face as Star Wars character A'Shared Hett at the convention.

Coors Light Promotional Event at E4 in Scottsdale Here's Paris Harshman again painted for a Coors Light promotional event at E4 Nightclub in Scottsdale.

Iris painting on Amiii at the Alwun House Exotic Art Show This is one of my favorite paintings. This is a flower painted on nude model Amiii. I'd love to explain the image, but it's best to just let you figure it out. This was done at the Annual Exotic Art Show at the Alwun House Art Gallery.

Red Bull and Newtimes Phoenix promotion at Myst Nightclub in Scottsdale This was a promotional event for RedBull and Phoenix Newtimes and it was held at Myst Nightclub in Scottsdale.

Christies Cabaret event for Wildhorse Ranch Rescue Cowgirl Tomica with painted-on jeans and plaid shirt at Christie's Cabaret during the Girls, Girls, Girls event sponsored by the Wildhorse Ranch Rescue.

Grapes and Vines at Christies Cabaret This painting was also done at the Girls, Girls, Girls event.

Maloney's St. Patricks Day Party bodypaintings Maloney's on Campus in Tempe has a huge St. Patricks party every year and this was my second year for painting the models there. This year I painted 11 models including the green jeans and jean jacket on model Lindsey.

Oscar Party at the Biltmore for Academy Awards I painted 4 golden Oscar statues for an Academy awards red carpet party at the Biltmore in Phoenix. My assistants Courtney and Donna helped to get these four male models covered in gold paint from head to toe.

Painted on Lingerie at E4 in Scottsdale White Out party at E4 nightclub in Scottsdale. I was given free reign on the artwork as long as it kept within the white-out color pallett. This was my first painting of lingerie with a glued-on boa and top hat.

Marble statue of cracked bodypaint This was the second painting that I did for the White-Out party. This one was a white marble statue that has chiped away to reveal the lovely model inside courtesy of Scottsdale Models.

Water nymph liquid latex bodypainting in water This was an artistic shoot that I did with model Amiii and photographer Mondo. I call it Water World and it is an experiment with waterproof bodypaints and liquid latex.


That's the news for now. Thanks again for your interest in my work and I welcome you to join my podcast for news on upcoming projects.


E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt

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