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VOL 11 ISSUE 7   July 2010


Music Video of Butcher Jones by Director Brian Pulido  
by Mark Greenawalt

Butcher Jones Video by Brian Pulido
I have always been a fan of sexy sci-fi/fantasy characters and Brian Pulido created two really hot ones with Lady Death and Purgatori. I finally got the chance to meet him at a sci-fi convention in Las Vegas and then after that I was asked to do some bodypainting for the first anual Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival that he was promoting. I ended up doing bodypaintings of Purgatori and Lady Death on models Kayla Rei (Second Chances) and Heather Keckler (former Miss USA). At that time Brian was getting into the independent film business and I mentioned that I would be glad to work with him on upcoming projects. After attending the premiers of his first two film projects, There's Something Out There and the feature film The Graves, I was thrilled to get the opportunity to work with him finally on a music video project for the band Butcher Jones. The video is for the song Hell's Kitchen and the setting is a party that "Goes to Hell", figuratively speaking. My part in the crew was the special effects make-up for the devil himself as portrayed by the Pelvic Meatloaf lead singer Rich Fourmy. Click here or on the picture above to go watch the video on-line.


A Clip From the 1999 Styx Jam Unarchived On Youtube 
by Mark Greenawalt

Styx tribute rock band equinox in Nashville 1999 Here is a blast from the past. In 1999, I joined a Styx tribute band to play an event called STYX JAM 99. I was living in Nashville at the time and I met with organizer Bill Vincent about the project. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have been a huge Styx fan since grade school and I think that Bill might edge me out on a Styx trivia contest of questions on everything there is to know about Dennis DeYoung, Tommy Shaw, and the rest of the line up. We became close friends through the weeks we practiced for this show learning 15 Styx songs as voted on by an online Styx Fan Group. We ended up only playing two shows during this band's brief existence, but they were memories that I will cherish for quite a while. I have posted a few videos and photographs from the show online at . Go check it out and listen to me singing Suite Madame Blue and Boat On The River.

What Does Sage Greenawalt Have In Common Film Legend Carry Grant? 
by Mark Greenawalt

Sage Greenawalt band Omniscient live and on the radio Cary Grant starred as the lead character Mortimer in the film Arsenic and Old Lace in the 1940's and I am very, very proud to announce that my son, Sage, will be playing this role in the Horizon Honors High School production of the play this November. Landing a leading role in a high school play is a pretty prestigious accomplishment in itself, but a little icing on the cake is the fact that Phoenix Magazine has just named his school the top school for performing arts in the valley. This will be Sage's seventh staged production including one show at Desert Stages in Scottsdale and two at Ahwatukee Children's Theater. He also did his first film work this month as an extra in an independent film called Showbiz being filmed in Scottsdale.


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Mark Greenawalt

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