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VOL 12 ISSUE 3   October 2016


Congratulations to Sage and Savannah  
by Mark Greenawalt

My son Sage got married in September and I am so happy to welcome Savannah Marie to the Greenawalt family. It was a beautiful ceremony at the Wright House in Mesa and they had a wonderful turn-out of friends and family. I wrote a song for them called "Take Me As I Am" and introduced the song during the reception. I'll post that someday soon as well as more photos from their big day. For now, here is one of my favorite shots. Congratulations you two and may there be many more good times than hard times!

Sage and Savannah Greenawalt wedding day


Ravenous and The Alchemist Come To Life At The Alwun House 
by Mark Greenawalt

I created two original comic book characters for an event called The Art of Fantasy, Comics, and Sci-Fi held at the Alwun House in September. The two fantastic models I had the opportunity to work with were Nichol Gum and Matthew Frenzi. Nichol's character was named Ravenous and was developed to be a winged hero (or villian...the back story has yet to be created) and Matthew's character was named The Alchemist. The wings were custom made from scratch by a true artisan named Alexis Noriega who brands her wings under the moniker The Crooked Feather. She worked for many hours to make these black wings to accompany the theme of the raven character. Hopefully these two original character designs will become part of a comic book someday. Click on the images below to see the concept art and the final images of each character. Plus, I have also posted a video of Nichol being painted on my Youtube channel at


Lifecast and Photoshoot With Alexandria Pierce 
by Mark Greenawalt

We have a world class lifecast artist that lives right here in Arizona and he goes by the name of Gullwing. In October, model Alexandria Pierce had a lifecast made of her body at Gullwing's studio. I tagged along and took some still images and video of her lifecasting session and then did a private portfolio shoot with her afterward. She has posted the video footage shot by Austin on her Youtube channel at and some of my photos have been posted in my Fine Art Photography Gallery on my website at .


The Creative Works of Mark Greenawalt - Body Art Volume I 
by Mark Greenawalt

I have started the layout for my first bodypainting book. I have 16 years of projects to pull from so I am soliciting opinions for which pictures should be included (and possibly which ones should be omitted). I have a very special guest who has agreed to write the forward for the book and I hope to be announcing that soon. I will be launching a Kickstarter program soon and I hope to have quite a few tiers of rewards to make it interesting. More details to be unveiled next month.

Breaking Bad Dam in New Mexico with lighting strike in a purple sky.


E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt

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October 28th, 2016 - Ignite Music Event, Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, Scottsdale, Arizona
November 2016 - Kickstarter Campaign for Body Art Book by Mark Greenawalt
Sunday, November 20th, 2016, 6 PM - Art Fashion Show, The Unexpected Art Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona.
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