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June 2017


Droids Invade Phoenix Comicon
by Mark Greenawalt

This year's theme for the Phoenix Comicon Bodypainting Extravaganza was "DROIDS". All of the artists were enthusiastic about this theme and again this year every painting was unique and original but the whole group looked cohesive. We were comprised of seven wonderful models painted by seven fantastic artists. I selected Nikki Darling to be my model this year. I had recently worked with her for the Ravenous bodypainting at the Art of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Comics event at the Alwun House. Artist Brandon McGill worked with our only male model, Tyler Monzingo, again this year. Artists Papi Miranda and Vanessa Sophia Robertson have been involved in every bodypainting extravaganza (2014 - "Goddesses", 2015 - "Aliens", and 2016 - "Tales Retold"). Papi's model was once again Michelle Gamboa who he has worked with for the past two events. Vanessa was paired up with model Megan Brock (MegB Unlimited!) who I had worked with on the "Aliens" project and the Piano bodypainting on the cover of my first book. We had a very special guest this year with artist Mythica von Griffyn who was a contestant on the first season of Skin Wars. I paired her up with model Alexandria Marie (aka AlliGator Girl) who is the only model to have been painted in every extravaganza. Husband and wife team of Eric Simmons and Holly Shoemaker were back for their third extravaganza appearance with models Shannon Shepard (her first extravaganza) and Vanessa Ferrales (her second). Our panel was on Saturday night at the same time as the wildly popular Masquerade Contest and we were still able to pack a 487 seat ballroom. For more of the story and to see some individual shots, please visit


Dream Catcher Bodyart at Unexpected Gallery
by Mark Greenawalt

I was invited to showcase my bodypainting at an event called Color Me Kinky at the Unepected Art Gallery. My model for the evening was Alexandria Marie (aka AlliGator Girl). My theme that I settled upon was doing a 3D hollow effect with bodypaint. The concept evolved to becoming a dream catcher and I tried to give it a Native American theme. Several props that I bought a loooooong time ago in Tombstone, Arizona were a fox pelt, two tails, and the skull of a coyote. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to put these props on a project. This was a very "adult" event so luckily I didn't need to ruin the look with paisties to cover the nipples and she was able to be nude for the photoshoot except for the belt.

I also had a table and set up my fantasy art prints and my body art book. I didn't make a lot of sales, but it is always good exposure to show your work in an art gallery. There were quite a few other good shots from this photoshoot and I even had an opportunity to shoot models Heather Renee Nance and Chelsea Rae Rusing.  I'll have those shots available on the photography page of my website soon!


Congratulations To Zane Greenawalt, High Shool Grad
by Mark Greenawalt

Well our little boy is becoming a man. He graduated from Horizon Honors High School and then turned 18 in July. Now he's getting ready to go to Northern Arizona University in the fall on a Lumberjack scholarship. He's not 100% sure what his major will be, but he is leaning toward computer science at this time and he is very interested in getting a minor in Japanese language. He has a goal to study abroad in Japan and it seems like NAU has a program in place for him to do that. Lori and I are quite proud of his accomplishments thus far and look forward to seeing what he develops into. Go Lumberjacks!

E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt

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