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August 2017


Underworld Vampire Bodypainting With Lacey Vargas
by Mark Greenawalt

This was a live bodyart demo at Double D's Performance in Scottsdale as a fundraiser for veterans and the Art Fashion Show. The theme of the event was Hollywood movies and we were originally going to have three models and three bodypainters. Since the event was held at a motor cycle dealership we wanted to represent movies with badass characters who rode bikes. The three choices were Ghost Rider, Blade, and Selene from Underworld. I immediately thought of Lacey Vargas to the model for Selene and I was so glad that she was available to do the project. I used black liquid latex body paint by Maximum Impact to paint a black catsuit on her and then did a photoshoot with prop guns, a trench coat, and of course with the motorcycles. Fellow bodypainter Brandy Wise took the opportunity to paint Ghost Rider on model Tuesday Ray at the event, but unfortunately our third painter bailed out so there was no Blade this time.

#liquidlatex #bodypaint #laceyvaragas #motorcycle #catsuit #underworld #maximumimpact  



Solar Eclipse
by Mark Greenawalt

It's not too often that you get a chance to photograph a solar eclipse. On August 21st we all had the chance again here in the United States and I was fortunate enough to get the attached photo. Luckily we didn't have overcast skies. I shot this in Scottsdale, Arizona so we were not in the path for the total eclipse. After seeing some of the great shots that people took that were in the total eclipse path, I now have a goal to travel to Texas to shoot the next one. It won't be for a couple of years so I have some time to figure out the details.


Nexus Black Light Painting at Unexpected
by Mark Greenawalt

Unexpected art gallery had a series of artists on display for First Fridays and the theme was Kaleidoscope. I was invited to do a bodypainting and I had the opportunity to work with a wonderful model named Ziva Fey. Staying with the kaleidoscope theme I opted for a space scene with a vortex of UV blacklight paints. NEXUS - UV bodypainting for the kaleidoscope theme at @unexpectedartgallery First Fridays. My wonderful model is @zivafey . The black lights that I use are (2) 4'-fluorescent strip lights that each have (2) T-12 UV lamps from Home Depot. It doesn't give a whole lot of light, but I was able to get this shot with f-stop of 4 and a 1/20 shutter speed (forget the ISO, but it was pretty high). There were a handful of other photographers there that also took some really cool shots.

#uv #blacklight #kaleidoscope #space #nebula #unexpectedgallery


E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt

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