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October 2019


Synctober - 31 Days Of Songs That I've Sync'd To Video
by Mark Greenawalt

Sync songs for film and tv by singer songwriter Mark Greenawalt in Synctober challenge

I had previously done a challenge called "Inktober" where I did a pen and ink drawing every day in October. I put a little personal spin on it this year and called it Synctober and I posted a video each day on social media with 31 songs that I have had featured in films, ads, promotional videos, or music videos. The songs ranged from my earliest songwriting from the late 80's to new songs written this month to accompany video footage that I have been accumulating. I am working hard to get more placements in film and TV, but I was able to show video clips from a few films with my songs (Wish Inc., Cordones, No Time For Reason, Awesome Guy, and The Theif and the Samurai). I also included several portfolio pieces of time-lapse bodypaintings, photography portfolios, and a couple of music videos that I have made for my songs. If you missed the posts or if you want to keep up with my future work that is being sync'd, go to my music licensing page at .


Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?
by Mark Greenawalt

Werewolf SPFX prosthetic makeup for Halloween with Little Red Riding Hood.

This year my wife and I dressed up like the Werewolf and Little Red Riding Hood. Of course I could have just bought a mask, but instead I decided to go all out and make my own mask with silicone prosthetics. I did a timelapse video that documents the making of the Big Bad Werewolf that you can find on my SPFX page .

It took about 40 minutes to make the prosthetic nose using Smooth-On's Skin Tite silicone product. I sculpted the silicone on a face cast I had made by my friend Byur Gullwing who does life casting here in Arizona. While the last two coats were still wet, I applied some crepe hair for the furry texture. I then peeled it off of the face cast, applied some Skin Tite on the inside of the prosthetic and applied it to my face. The application process took about another 40 minutes which included painting my face with Wolf Brothers face paints ironically, fangs that I had custom made with black gums by my friend Rod The Fangmaster, and finally the white contact lenses. The rest of the costume was pieced together from purchases at Goodwill and online.

The song synched to this video is called "Exile." I co-wrote it with guitarist Chris Martell. Ironically though my part of the song are the lyrics which aren't included in this version. There are vocals on another mix of the song that are sang by Robert Mason of Warrant and Lynch Mob fame.


Dennis DeYoung Singing And Playing The Soundtrack Of My Life
by Mark Greenawalt

Dennis DeYoung celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the Grand Illusion album in Mesa, Arizona.

Styx, more specifically Dennis DeYoung and Tommy Shaw, were probably the biggest influences that got me into songwriting and music in general. I saw Styx twice when they were both in the band and this was my second Dennis DeYoung solo concert (oh, and I did also attend opening night of his Hunchback of Notre Dame when it premiered in Nashville in the late 90's). My mom came with me back in the 90's when Dennis was touring with Kenny Loggins and she also came with me to this show at the Ikeda Theater at Mesa Arts Center. The show celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Grand Illusion album and the band played the entire album in order of track appearance. Alaskan guitarist/vocalist August Zadra did a phenomenal job covering the Tommy Shaw songs and New Jerseyan Jimmy Leahey "played the part" of James Young. The rest of the band included Craig Carter (bass), John Blasucci (keys), Michael Morales (drums), and of course Suzanne DeYoung, Dennis's wife, on harmony vocals.

The night was magical for me and included all of the Styx hits with a notable exception of Show Me The Way. It was a little dissappointing to me that there weren't any Dennis DeYoung solo songs, not even Desert Moon. DeYoung sounded perfect and August Zadra is a star in his own right.

E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt

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