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February 2020


Star Saga Film Takes Top Honors at Almost Famous Film Festival 
by Mark Greenawalt

Star Saga film by Nathan Blackwell of Voyage Trekkers fame for A3F Almost Famous Film Festival.

If you ask Alexa, "Who is Mark Greenawalt?," she'll tell you that I am known for Voyage Trekkers. I actually only worked on one episode of the Voyage Trekkers web TV show, but it turned out to be a fortuitous collaboration when it brought me a nomination for Best Makeup Special Effects in the 2014 International Academy of Web Television awards (note-I didn't win, but the awards event in Las Vegas was top notch). So when Nathan Blackwell, the creative force behind Voyage Trekkers, called me in early February to ask if I wanted to be on the crew of his next project, I said I was in before he even gave me the details. He had a general concept in mind for a comedy film short and The Almost Famous Film Festival was having a 72-hour film challenge. The kickoff for the event was Valentines Day when they announced the guidelines and started the clock. I couldn't be there since I was painting at the Alwun House (see the next article below), however the three guidelines were:

The premise of the film was simple, but brilliant and the writers, Nathan Blackwell and Craig Curtis, took home the prestigious Brock H. Brown Award for Best Script. They also take credit for incorporating the guidline line "Never do that again" in such a way that garnered the attention of the judges who awarded them Best Use of Guideline Line of Dialog. Much of the cast and crew were veterans of the Voyage Trekkers series including the star of both space films, Adam Rini, who took home the award for Best Actor. The most prestigious awards though were 1st Place Comedy, 2nd Place Audience Favorite, and I believe Star Saga was the top film overall for the film challenge. Instead of telling you more details about the movie, wouldn't you rather just go and watch it? It's on YouTube at . Enjoy!


20-Year Anniversary of Bodypainting at Alwun House's Exotic Art Exhibition     
by Mark Greenawalt

Model Violet Pixie bodypainted at Exotic Art Exhibition at the Alwun House by Mark Greenawalt

In 1999 I discovered an art exhibit that was unlike anything I had ever seen. It was the Exotic and it was held at a historic house in the Garfield district of downtown Phoenix. I remember the very edgey art and photography, stage shows, and I was especially drawn to a lifecast of a female toros by Byur Gullwing. I knew I wanted to be a part of this event the following year. At this time I was just getting into bodypainting and I approached the owners, Kim and Dana, about doing some bodypainting for the 2000 show. They luckily welcomed the idea with open arms and they even used one of my first bodypainting images on the flyers for the event. I bodypainted Kay Kochman my first year as the Queen of Hearts and they had a throne set up for her to be on display.

Since then I have taken my place in the basement of the house to paint every show for twenty years. The theme was always up to me and some years were more creative than others ranging from sexy liquid latex outfits to horror special effects. Most times I had professional models to work with and other times I took volunteers from the audience. There were so many good times. I met a lot of new friends there and even had regular attendees that made sure to come down and say hi most years. I felt that 20 years was a good run and I have decided to make 2020 my last year. For my swan song painting, I worked with model Violet Pixie and did a heavy metal outfit inspired by the Judas Priest clothing designer Ray Brown. The painted on design included a red dragon (inspired by the dragon dress I painted for Dancing With The Stars designer Randall Designs) and simulated leather with painted on liquid latex. The embellishments included glued on fringes, metal studs, and custom painted Kramer guitar for a prop. I was really happy with the final images and Violet modeled it perfectly! Maybe next year I can go and just enjoy the Exotic exhibition as a spectator. Visit my website for more images from my live events at .


Music Video For "Gone Without Goodbye"  
by Mark Greenawalt

Singer Songwriter Mark Greenawalt original song Gone Without Goodbye is a memorial to Karen Render

In November, I lost a good friend in a tragic car collison. That evening I wrote this song. Since then I had the opportunity to record a symphonic version of the song and now this month I decided to make a music video. I kept it fairly simple and it was mostly extreme closeup shots of me singing the song or playing the violin parts. My son Sage helped with the camera work and did some of the slow motion concepts.  I have taken down the lyric video and as of this writing I have 157 views on the new video and lots of very kind comments on Facebook. This song means a lot to me and I'm glad to hear that there are several people who could relate to it. Click on the image above to see the video on YouTube and please consider subscribing while you are there.


E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt

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