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VOL 15 ISSUE 3  

March 2020


Photograph Produced and Published in Southwest Style Magazine 
by Mark Greenawalt

Creative Designs in Lighting advertisement photo of ballarina Amber Skaggs.

Creative Designs in Lighting was wanting to mix it up a bit with the next advertisement in the prestigious Southwest Style Magazine. We brainstormed some ideas and they began to revolve around the idea of lighting art breaths life into it. We staged two photoshoots with a huge (and very expensive) gold frame. This one featured a super talented ballarina named Amber Novella Skaggs striking a pose in front of some vintage fresnel stage lights. We discovered Amber through Phoenix Ballet. The quote I finally wrote was "When the lighting is "en pointe", the art comes alive." Click the picture to see the full ad.


Making Music While Under Quarantine - Imagine     
by Mark Greenawalt

Cover song of Imagine by John Lennon sung and played by Mark Greenawalt

I wanted to do a cover song on my piano and John Lennon's Imagine was such an obvious choice. Days later Gal Gadot and a host of celebrities did it too and stole my thunder, but hey, I loved doing my version. I experimented with getting the right piano sound and reverb on my voice. It's not perfect, but that's what is cool about these live recordings everyone is doing from their living rooms. Here's the link, I hope you enjoy it!


Know Lighting, Know Beauty...No Lighting, No Beauty.  
by Mark Greenawalt

Luxbot or Llumina Vee is an incredible model.

I did a photoshoot with an incredible model several years ago with named Llumina Vee. Every now and then I go back to the images from this shoot and mine for gold that I had overlooked before. This is one of those shots that I absolutely love that I had never posted before. I did just a little bit of photoshop to add the flowing red skirt, but most of the lighting and Llumina are right out of the camera. Love this shot. Would love to turn this one into a book cover or something someday! Hope you like it too.


E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt

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