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April 2021


One Photoshoot, Two Magazine Tearsheets   
by Mark Greenawalt

Model Llumina Sun stylist Stevie Rosalie at Arizona Biltmore photo by Mark Greenawalt Model Llumina Sun stylist Stevie Rosalie at Arizona Biltmore photo by Mark Greenawalt

It was such an honor to do an artistic fashion photo shoot at the historic Arizona Biltmore Resort. The added perk was getting to hire the beautiful an insanely talented model, Llumina Sun, to take center stage. Our theme was a retro-vibe, inspired by Marilyn Monroe who was a frequent guest of the Biltmore. Hair, makeup, and overall styling was brought to life by Stevie Rosalie, the go-to stylist for vintage looks. We shot in several locations but the magic happened when we moved the grand piano into the lobby and allowed the backdrop to be Frank Lloyd Wright's saguaro stained glass masterpeice. The images appeared in both Luxe Magazine and Southwest Style Magazine for clients Creative Designs in Lighting and PHX Architecture.


Two Week Songwriting Challenge Times Two     
by Mark Greenawalt

Stages EP by singer songwriter Mark Greenawalt of Phoenix Arizona

Joining the Facebook group "The Two Week Tune Geeks" has been an invigorating challenge. I'm proud to have had the time to get two more songs completed and I'm glad to say it doesn't feel like I "phone them in". My muse showed up! The first is called Banner Day. It's a positive, uplifting song about making the most of every day and realizing that even bad days are learning experiences. This song features some fun B3 organ sounds and incorporates a subtle key change in the course that came out real nice. The next song, "So Long My Love," steps out on my wheelhouse a bit, and introduces a middle eastern Phrygian Mode. I was channeling a bit of Led Zeppelin's Kashmere and some of Alice In Chains harmonies for this one. Another fun fact was that I used a jaw harp that I've had since the 80s to get that twang vocal sound. Both songs have been released on my EP "Stages."


On The Boards - 6-Figure Songwriting Course     
by Mark Greenawalt

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