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May 2021


Scare Us - Feature Film Just Released   
by Mark Greenawalt

Scare Us is a horror movie produced in Arizona with Tom Sandoval as the lead actor in the feature film

I'm pretty proud to have been a part of this wonderful horror film produced here in Arizona (and I got the IMDB credit to prove it). My role was to do a little bit of creature design support and then go on set in Northern Arizona to do some special effect makeup on a monster. It was a great crew of people to work with. I was invited to take part in the film by long-time collaborator Ryan Henry Johnston. The star of the film is Tom Sandoval who is known to many for his role on the reality TV show Vanderpump Rules. I was treated to live screening in the Cine Capri theater at Tempe Marketplace that was for cast and crew members only. It is a really good movie! There have been some great reviews and national press from Fangoria and Rue Morgue magazines and TV shows ET and Right This Minute. It is now available to watch online and the links can be found at the official web site for the film at .


Zane Michael Greenawalt - Collge Graduate!   
by Mark Greenawalt

Zane Greenawalt graduate of NAU with a degree in Visual Communications

Big shoutout to my son Zane for receiving his bachelor of fine arts degree in visual communications from Northern Arizona University. I must admit I'm pretty proud of him. Oh, and extra kudos to him for qualifying for and receiving the lumberjack scholarship, which saved him from a ton of debt (Well saved Lori and I from that debt actually. Wow, that for years flew by. He's back from Flagstaff and has plans to move to San Francisco in the fall to pursue his career in graphics. Just one other note about Zane is that he has also been learning to play guitar and that also makes me a proud pops.

Two More Songs For Your Listening Pleasure     
by Mark Greenawalt

Stages EP by singer songwriter Mark Greenawalt of Phoenix Arizona

The first new song is a play on the phrase world-wide-tour by changing just one letter to become World Wine Tour. My wife and I have been enjoying wine tasting and have been fortunate enough to recently visit Napa Valley in California and Paris, France. The lyric video shows some of our travels to these and other wineries. The second song is called Stages. This lyric video is also a montage of some of the best times of my life playing music on stages in Arizona, Nashville, and all over the mid-Atlantic states. The lyrics are a nostalgic story of a musician on the road, paying his dues and playing stages across the country. All the while, he is going through stages and reminiscing. I decided to make Stages the title track for my EP which is now available on all streaming platforms including Spotify and YouTube.


On The Boards     
by Mark Greenawalt

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