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July 2021


New Moon, New Me,...New Song!   
by Mark Greenawalt

New Moon, New Me original modern song from singer songwriter Mark Greenawalt New Moon, New Me original modern song from singer songwriter Mark Greenawalt

During the Catch The Moon 6-Figure Songwriting Course (March Cohort of 2021) I collaborated with a fellow songwriter class mate from England named Åsa Sandberg to write New Moon, New Me. One of the key take aways from the class was that most briefs are looking for modern sounding songs so I stepped a bit out of my comfort zone on this song about bouncing back, stronger than before, after taking some time away. I produced the song using all software based instruments (no guitars, bass, etc.) The vocals are the only thing analog in the song which were sang by me and my daughter-in-law, Savannah Greenawalt.

ROUTE 1966 - Åsa noticed that we were the same age and proposed that we call our songwriting collaboration Route 1966. It is a play on the historically famous Rt. 66 that passes through Arizona and the year she was born, 1966. The one small issue was that I was actually born in April of 1967. However, that didn't deter us. I proposed that being conceived in 1966 still counted! Åsa created the logo for Route 1966, the New Moon, New Me album cover, and also the very cool lyric video! The song is on all streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes and the video is available on YouTube at .


Illumination Award In Lighting Design - The Grand At Papago Park
by Mark Greenawalt

Stages EP by singer songwriter Mark Greenawalt of Phoenix Arizona Stages EP by singer songwriter Mark Greenawalt of Phoenix Arizona

By day, I am a lighting designer for Creative Designs in Lighting. This month I was recognized for Outstanding Achievment in Exterior Lighting design at the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Phoenix Section Illumination Awards. The award was for the Grand2 building at The Grand at Papago Park Center. Some know the building as the new headquarters for Door Dash and it's located at the 202 exit for Priest Drive (I wonder if that street is named in honor of Judas Priest's Rob Halford who lives here in Phoenix?). The project has also won an Award of Merit from the international IES Illumination Awards (click here to see all of the international winners). This was my 19th lighting design if you combine all of my lighting awards, my Grammy Awards, and my Oscar Awards, I have a total of 19.


A Visit Back Home To Pennslyvania     
by Mark Greenawalt

Rick McKula and Rob Richardson from NiteKap hanging out in Waynesboro Pennsylvania Paul Pensinger my bandmate in high school in the band Coda

My wife and I took a trip back east to visit with family and friends. I had a great time reconnecting with so many people including my bandmates pictured above (Rick McKula and Rob Richardson from NiteKap and Paul Pensinger from Coda). Rob and I were reminiscing about the old days and commiserating over the loss of Eddie VanHalen. On a whim, we called Rick and talked him into stopping by and then Chris Walker also joined us. The next day I traveled up to Hershey to visit Paul and meet his lovely wife and two daughters. We actually took a moment to sit down and write a song together. The following evening I did an impromtu meetup at Norland Pub in Chambersburg and had a great time chit-chatting with cousins from both sides (Candy and Rodney (and his family), Angie, Charlie and Rick and Jinny), Aunt Darlene and Uncle Galen and Linda, Sister-In-Law Debbie, and fellow keyboardist from the Center Alley days, Doug and Vicky Lehman. Besides that, Lori and I spent some good quality time with her family and they all fed us well! It was great to see them all and I look forward to the next visit!


On The Boards     
by Mark Greenawalt

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