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VOL 16 ISSUE 8  

August 2021


Song Inspired By The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics   
by Mark Greenawalt

Victory's Mine is an original modern song from singer songwriter Mark Greenawalt dedicated to the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

Here is another song that I co-wrote with one of the international attendees of the 6-Figure Songwriting course I took earlier this year. This one is a collaboration with Robert De'mares from Toronto, Canada. The theme stemed from the word victorious and we set out to celebrate the summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan (postponed from 2020). We had one meeting using Zoom to get started and then sent progress tracks back and forth of melody ideas and lyric re-writes. There is a final version with Robert on lead vocals and another with me on vocals. You can listen to my version on most streaming platforms or on YouTube at Be sure to listen through until the bridge where I sing the names of some of the most elite atheletes of all time.


"Listen To Me" - A Song Whose Time Has Come
by Mark Greenawalt

Listen To Me is an original arena rock song by Mark Greenawalt

So now we come to a new version of an old song. I wrote the lyrics to this song on April 23, 1995 sitting on my back porch of my first house in Mesa, Arizona. I've recorded several demo versions of the song, but this month I finally recorded the version that I have been hearing in my head. I was joined by Zamm Kenobi again on drums (he is a drummer in France that I work with through ) and I played all of the other instruments and sang the song. I wrote the music on my 12-string acoustic guitar and included some of that sound under the keyboard solo for nostalgia. It was a fun challenge to add the heavy slide guitar parts using the drop D tuning. You can find the song most streaming platforms or on YouTube at . Some video has been recorded for an upcoming official music video...stay tuned.


The Band ANTI-M 30 Years Ago     
by Mark Greenawalt

The band ANTI-M from the hair metal days in Arizona.

30 years ago, the 80’s metal scene was still going strong in 1991. A couple of months after this photo, #Nirvana released #Nevermind. This was my band, Anti-M and all of us sang lead and harmony vocals. Scott Jeffers had just recently joined the band and we had gigs in Tucson at Jin’s Sneak Joint, Twin Peaks, and The Silver Dollar, plus a few in Phoenix at The Rare Hare and Hammerheads. It was a great moment in time for me and there was some original music created that still lives on! There is a little more info about this band that I have archived on my website at if you like to take a stroll down memory lane with me.

E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt

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