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VOL 17 ISSUE 4  

April 2022


I'm Back and It's Time To Refocus   
by Mark Greenawalt

Rock Star Mark Greenawalt holding his Ibanez Electric Guitar like a baseball bat

Well it seems like the pandemic is basically over and it feels like it's time to get the ball rolling again with sharing my music.  I actually did a lot of songwriting and recording during the hiatus since the last Green Pages Newsletter last August.  Probably too much to write about here, but here are the links to the streaming services if you want to go check out my full music far. One song includes the cello I got for Christmas and another song features a talkbox. Lots of fun stuff to check out.  



Let Your Soul Shine Through - Featuring My Grandson   
by Mark Greenawalt

Let Your Soul Shine Through is a positive upbeat pop song with harmonies and features my grandson Gavin Greenawalt

I had four of my songs signed to a music library that places songs on TV shows and in films. One of them was 'Let Your Soul Shine Through'. Well, this is a really special song to me since I was able to get my grandson, Gavin Greenawalt to sing a featured part. It was sparked by the phrase 'a different sunrise'. The song has a very positive message about each day bringing a new and different opportunity to be yourself and find your dreams. I wrote the song on the piano, but the bass part quickly took center stage along with all of the harmony parts (which also included my daughter-in-law Savannah and my son Zane). I tried to get the other two grandsons (Wesley and Miles) to sing on it, but they had no interest in singing into the microphone this time. Another tid-bit about this recording is that it was the first song that I featured my chromatic harmonica on for the solo. You can hear the song on most streaming platforms or on YouTube at .


Concert Photography With Robert Mason (Warrant, Lynch Mob)      
by Mark Greenawalt

Robert Mason Concert Photography by Mark Greenawalt Cactus Jack's Ahwatukee  Robert Mason from Warrant, Lynch Mob, Cry of Love, Endgame with Mark Greenawalt 

When I found out that Robert Mason was doing a solo show at Cactus Jack's, a venue within 3 miles of my house, there was no doubt that I had to be there. I used to take voice lessons from Robert way back in the early 90's and even had him sing on four of my original songs. At that time he had already achieved a level a notoriety as the singer for Lynch Mob on their second album and also a tour as a backup singer for Ozzy Osborne. Since then he he has gone on do quite a few projects like Endgame with members of Dokken, Cry Of Love, and most notably Warrant. I did get to see him with Warrant last year at Talking Stick Casino, but I missed their more recent show there in January (with Skid Row and Winger) since I had the dreaded COVID. This time I didn't miss the opportunity and I brough my camera to take photos for Burning Hot Events and I did get the opportunity to say hello to him after the show. To see more pics from the show, click here        

E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt

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