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May 2022


Villains Theme Bodypainting Extravaganza   
by Mark Greenawalt

Bodypainting Extravaganza at Phoenix Fan Fest 2022 with the theme of Villains

It's been a pandemic since I last had an update with bodypainting. Phoenix Fan Fusion (formerly Phoenix Comicon) tried to reboot the convention several times over the past two years, but this time it really happened.  I was invited back to host and organize the 2022 PFF Bodypainting Extravaganza.  We had a full room in the 300-seat convention halls and I'd like to thank everyone who came out to see the models, artists, and assistants that made it happen. The theme was VILLAINS and each artist had about 2 hours to complete their body art in front of the live audience. Here is a photo of the painted models at the end of the evening. From the left, Nat was painted as Catwoman (90's comic version) by Danielle Devonn, Tayler Vomacka was painted as Scream (Marvel Comics) by Brandy Wise, Elley Ringo was painted as Gallevarbe (Court of the Dead) by me (Mark Greenawalt), Spencer E. Llewelyn was painted as Beetlejuice/Poison Ivy by Brandon McGill, and Griffin Maria was painted as Te Ka (Disney's Moana). The show got started around 8pm on Friday, May 27th and wrapped up at 11pm with a runway "fashion show" and final photoshoot. It was a great time! 




Yngwie Malmsteen Shreds In Arizona   
by Mark Greenawalt

Yngwie Malmsteen Concert Photography by Mark Greenawalt Marquee Theatre with Culprit, Deimer, and Jessikill

Yngwie Malmsteen played the Marquee Theatre in Tempe on May 24th and I got to be an official photographer! I have been a fan since the late 80s and even had a poster of him in my dorm room at Penn State for inspiration to learn guitar! An added bonus of the evening was seeing Phil X (Bon Jovi) playing guitar for opening act Deimer! Yngwie's Parabellum Tour 2022 also featured opening metal acts Jessikill and Culprit. My favorite song that he played was You Don't Remember, I'll Never Forget, but he didn't play anything from my favorite album Odeyssey (the one with Joe Lynn Turner on vocals). When he started playing the acoustic guitar, I got my hopes up for the song Dreaming, but it was not to be. I had two notable things happen in the photographers pit. First one was getting a guitar pic that was kicked to the audience but only made it to the pit...mine now. The second was getting yelled at by Yngwie himself to not stand in front of him while taking pictures. This was caught on video if you want to see it here ( go to minute 1:30 ).

Yngwie re-tweeted and commented on our post and Culprit used one of my photos for their Facebook cover photo. Within the first week, the facebook page had over 17,000 impressions. Fun to see it blow up! To see more of my photos and read our review on the Burning Hot Events by Kataklizmic Design website, click the image above or go to .


Six Months On Keto Diet      
by Mark Greenawalt

Robert Mason Concert Photography by Mark Greenawalt Cactus Jack's Ahwatukee  

Sorry for the gratuitous nudity in the photo, but I wanted to share that I started a Keto diet in January to lower my ALT liver levels which were way beyond normal. Within 3 months, they dropped to the middle of the acceptable range. I wasn't trying to loose weight, but that was a nice side effect, along with lowering my blood pressure to not need those pills anymore. To date, I've lost 35 lbs. and I'm eating plenty of the right things so it's not that much of a struggle. I've had zero alcohol since New Year's Eve, but now I'm going to ease in a glass of wine now and then.

I've learned to really like avacados and I'm enjoying the foods I can eat like steak, bacon, pulled pork, and lots of eggs in many styles. I've made taco shells with melted cheese and learned to make an awesome spaghetti with spaghetti squash. Also, not sure if it is related, but I feel like my singing has become easier. I'm anxious to record more music to hear if my voice sounds stronger. Unfortunately, I don't think Keto helped my violin playing at all.


E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt

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