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February 2023


If Tomorrow Even Knows   
by Mark Greenawalt

If Tomorrow Even Knows refugee song by Mark Greenawalt

It's so hard to fathom 30 million refugees in the world. Not just from one region, but Ukraine, Syria, Venezuela, Sudan, Afganistan, and so many others. I had an assignment to write a song containing the phrase 'someone else's home' and as I started brainstorming ideas. I imagined how tragic it must be for displaced refugees with no home to go back to. The lyrics spilled out from emotion as I sat at my piano hammering out a heart wrenching melody inspired by several different Queen songs. Maybe I was channeling energy from the late Freddie Mercury, who was himself a refugee from Zanzibar in the 60s.

This song became a passion project and I decided to produce and record it in my home studio. I played all of the instruments and even included a little cello and violin (even though I'm not as proficient on these as I hope to be one day). Once it was mixed, I had it mastered at Full Well Studios and then created the lyric video from clips from Creative Commons. I'm not sure how many people will ever even hear this song, but I hope that at least one person is inspired and makes some effort to show some humanity to someone in need. Maybe it will be you? Click here or on the image above to check out the lyric video.



Junkyard Photoshoot      
by Mark Greenawalt

The Junkyard Shoot by Sasserfraz Pictures in Wittman Arizona

It's always interesting at the Junkyard Shoot Out in Wittman, Arizona. This is an event that is well attended by models and photographers from all genres and styles. The event is hosted by Sasserfraz Pictures each year and one hilight each event is the showing by Rance Gantrhax and the Agents of Lust doing fire breathing at dusk. I spent most of my day photographing models on horses on the north end of the site. Later I decided to fly my drone to get some aerial footage of the event. I'll be adding some of the photos to my online portfolio eventually, but for now you can check out the drone footage at


A Little Lesson In Music Theory      
by Mark Greenawalt

12NoteDesign web podcast on music theory on YouTube now.

A little more development on the 12NoteDesign podcast this month with a video blog on music theory. I took a music theory class in high school, but most of what I have learned since then is from just learning and playing songs and of course watching YouTube tutorials. I definitely have a lot to learn myself, but I do think I've gained some knowledge that could be helpful to aspiring musicians and songwriters. I have another podcast recorded, but I was so disappointed to find out that my DIY workforce wasn't able to get the camera focused on me instead of the background. Believe it or not, I thought I fixed the problem and recorded the whole episode again...still out of focus. I don't know if everybody goes through these challenges when they are getting started, but hopefully I'll have it down to a science soon. Till then, check out the theory lesson if your into that kind of stuff and check back for more soon! Here's the link .

Upcoming - I did a bodypainting in Hollywood for a popular reality show to be announced soon, more videos on 12NoteDesign, a live gig with The Polyesters, The Bodypainting Extravaganza at Phoenix Fan Fusion, Con-Fusion with The Phoenix Library.

E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt
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