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March 2023


Last Movie Ever Made   
by Mark Greenawalt

SPFX makeup for The Last Movie Ever Made with Mark Greenawalt and Tatum Elizabeth Santiago

"The Last Movie Ever Made" had it's world premiere at The Phoenix Film Festival this month and it took home the Copper Wing Award for Best Arizona Feature! My small contribution to this film was the SPFX bodypainting of cast member Tatum Elizabeth Santiago as a space alien for a Halloween party scene.I'm so very grateful to director Nathan Blackwell for inviting me back to his inner circle of filmmaker friends for this project and it was great to see him win The Filmmaker of the Year award at this year's festival. I was only on set one afternoon and it was an interesting surprise that the location was at Shay Alber's house...a co-worker of mine from the 90's who first introduced me to Nathan Blackwell's work. One fun story from that day was that the house was "attacked" by a swarm of Africanized bees that halted production for an hour or so till the exterminators came (I tried to save them, honestly). It was great to finally see the movie and I'll keep you posted when it is available to see online. More about the film in the next two articles below...



Two Articles Published: Alter Bridge and Phoenix Film Festival    
by Mark Greenawalt

Alter Bridge concert review on Burning Hot Events with Mammoth WVH at Marquee Theatre

Burning Hot Events was able to cover the Alter Bridge concert at the Marquee Theatre with opening acts Pistols At Dawn and Mammoth WVH, Wolfgang Van Halen's band.This time I played the journalist and Rodrigo Izquierdo was the photographer. Alter Bridge is up there with my favorite bands of all time due to the incredible voice of Myles Kennedy. All three bands were impressive. Here is the link to the article if you want to hear what I had to say .

The other article I wrote this month was for GNN, Geek News Network. About a decade ago I covered the Phoenix Film Festival for GNN when I interviewed Natalie Imbruglia. I reached out to Hong again and was able to secure a media pass for this year's event allowing me to see all of the Arizona Feature Films and several other standout films such as Renfield and From Black (staring Anna Camp and featured in the International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival). The four Arizona features were The Last Movie Ever Made (my film), Forever Home, Condition of Return, and 500 Days of Silence which featured local-turned-national act The Black Moods. Here is a link to my article to read more. .


12NoteDesign Interview Series - Michael Markowski And Nathan Blackwell    
by Mark Greenawalt

12NoteDesign web podcast inteview with Michael Markowski and Nathan Blackwell on YouTube now.

The 12NoteDesign podcast channel continues to develop this month as I do an unboxing of new wireless Go lavalier microphones from Rode and then proceed to do my first interview with them. The interview is with the film director and composer of the film 'The Last Movie Ever Made." It was a a learning experience for me, but overall it turned out pretty good and the stories they shared were priceless. I'm still blown away that this low budget film was able to have a full symphony orchestra perform the music that was written by Michael Markowski. And the music is soooooo good! I included a clip of the symphony performance in the interview video. I have already reached out to a few more potential guests to interview from the music industry and I look forward to bringing them to the channel soon.

Check out the interview here:
And the lavalier unboxing video is here:

Upcoming - The Bodypainting Extravaganza at Phoenix Fan Fusion, Con-Fusion with The Phoenix Library.

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