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April 2024


New Nord Stage 4 Keyboard 
by Mark Greenawalt

Nord Stage 4 Keyboard with Mark Greenawalt playing Billy Joels Just The Way You Are

I took the plunge and traded in my Yamaha Moxf8 for the new Nord Stage 4 keyboard. I just couldn't pass up the realistic piano sound. The organs, electric pianos, and array of synths and samples are just icing on the cake. I got a decent trade in amount for the Yamaha, plus the 15% off discout that Guitar Center gives, plus a token cash back for putting it on my gear card, however I still have a bit to pay off so I'm working on getting some piano solo gigs. I've recorded a couple of covers to show to bars/nightclubs to showcase my style, including a cover of Billy Joel's "Don't Go Changing" that is linked above. More to come!

Wine Painter And Songwriting Panelist At Confusion    
by Mark Greenawalt

Painting with wine and pen and ink for water color look of a dragon named Malbec Confusion Phoenix Library convention songwriting panel at Desert Broom Library

Confusion was held at Desert Broom Library in Cave Creek, AZ and the the theme was 'Pop Goes My Heart'. I had the opportunity to sit on a songwriting panel with three lovely songwriters and I really enjoyed learning about their work. Connie Galeener is a puppeteer and fellow performer at The Alwun House Exotic Art Show, Rhonda Jo Hitchcock-Mast is a singer songwriter who recently played at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, and Mary Ellen Stepanich is a PhD, part of performing quartet, and author of "D Is for Dysfunctional-And Doo Wop: Songs of a Hoosier Schizo". Jenn Czep waw our moderator and asked a lot of poinient questions. I enjoyed being on the panel but really enjoyed listening to everyone elese's stories even more.

I also had table to showcase my artwork, photography and songwriting and while there I completed a dragon painting that was done with wine and topped off with pen and ink.


Eddie X Duet With Alyssa Crosby From The Voice    
by Mark Greenawalt

Conan's Love Song is an original song by singer songwriter Eddie X with keyboards by Mark Greenawalt

My former Anti-M bandmate, Ed Clapper, has just released a duet with Alyssa Crosby, a current contestant on this season's The Voice. The song is called 'Conan's Love Song' and you can click the cover above to check it out on Youtube or find it on all of your favorite streaming platforms. I played a tiny bit of keyboards on the song (not sure if my track maded it to the final mix, but if it did it is pretty burried in the mix). Anti-M drummer, Roger Wiedabach, also played the drum track in my studio. Ed's brother did the engineering and production back in their hometown of Binghamton which is where Alyssa also hails from.

Comming Soon

April 8- Total solar eclipse from the plaza of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
May 24 - Bodypainting Extravaganza at Phoenix Fan Fusion
May 28 - Redwood Forest, California
July ? - Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii

All Summer Lawn Passes to the concerts

E-ya later,
Mark Greenawalt

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