Premier Issue

by Mark Green

You hold in your hand the very first newsletter from me, Mark Greenawalt or Mark Green for short. I plan to write one of these each month to keep everyone abreast of my schedule, new lyrics, and other irrelevant tidbits as I see fit to print them. The plan is to print a newsletter every month and build up a mailing list and eventually get my picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone.

I am currently calling the newsletter "THE GREEN PAGES", however, I am open to suggestions on another name. It's not really a contest, but I will see to it that whoever offers the winning name will receive a six-pack of Old Milwaukee's Best Light (if the winner doesn't drink beer, I will be glad to accept the prize on his/her behalf.)

The Meaning Behind 'Semi-Live'

by Mark Green

The Mark Green performance is a proverbial one-man-band and although there is only one person on stage, it sounds like a band. The show is similar to karoke in that I am singing along to prerecorded music, however, the similarities end there. All of the songs are originals that I have written or co-written with some of Nashville's finest songwriters and I play a twelve-string acoustic guitar along with each song. Thus the phrase 'semi-live'. The vocals and acoustic guitar are comin' at 'ya live, but the drums, bass, and keyboards are out of a can.

To some, this may not seem like the real thing, and in fact it isn't. The cool part is that my drummer is never late for the show, my bass player doesn't talk back, and the keyboard player isn't a flake. I would like to turn this into a real band in the near future, but for now I'm satisfied just getting my music out of me and into you the best way I know how...on stage.