Hello, Is There Anybody Out There?

by Mark Green

Well already it's half-way through September and I am just now getting around to writing my monthly newsletter. As far as I know, nobody has noticed that it was late. If you are reading this (which you obviously are), I would appreciate it if you would drop me an e-mail. I'd like to welcome you to the Green Pages, especially if this is your first time here.

It has been a very busy month already, and it is showing no signs of letting up. I played a show with Amy Hailstone (I hope I got the right spelling) at the Music City Cafe recently and met a few more Nashville writers and ran into some old friends. Amy is an excellent singer/songwriter, but in addition to that, she also plays a mean acoustic lead. While rehersing for the show she gave me some invaluble soloing tips (thanks Amy).

Also this month, the acoustic trio that I have been performing with (featuring Dawna Bradford) has become a full fleged band. We will be performing this month at he Courtyard Cafe, Comix, and the Broken Spoke. You can check out the web page that I have been working on for Dawna at http:\\edge.edge.net\~classx\dawna.htm .

Along with all of the above my day job has been keeping me busy designing soybean processing factories in Iowa and Alabama.

Flying With The Bluebird

by Mark Green

The Bird Cafe opens it's doors only four times every year to let new songwriters audition to play on the covetted "WRITER'S NIGHT" on Sundays. They open the phone lines on an unadvertised afternoon and take the first one-hundred or so calls. It's like trying to win something from a radio station. Once they have their alloted number of writers, so-sorry-charley.

Well as fate would have it, I made it through the first round. I will be auditioning on September 21st. This will be my second audition. My first audition was about a year ago, which felt good, but no cigar. Maybe this time will be the one! I'd encourage you all to come down and cheer me on, but unfortunately it will be a closed audition.

The rules of the game are to play only a verse and chorus of your best song, and let the hand of fate (or the tastes of the judges) take it's course. I'll keep you posted.

Other Tidbits

by Mark Green

Penn State Nittany Lions are ranked number one in college football. That's my school!!!

I went to see Dennis DeYoung's musical of the "Hunchback of Notre Dame" last week here in Nashville. It was wonderful, I recommend it highly.

No song lyrics this month, however, I am working on getting a sound sample of the song "Compay Time" on here for everyone's listening enjoyment. It will tenatively be a *.wav file. Check back when you get the chance.

As far as my schedule, check out Dawna's web page for now. I'll update mine shortly.