The Green Pages
MAY 1999

Lighting The Music World

by Mark Greenawalt

This month had just a little less going on than usual, music-wise, but at work things are extraordinarily busy.  I am working on two projects currently that have links to the music business.  The first is a street lighting project on music row.  At the point where 16th Avenue, 17th Avenue, Division, and Demonbreun streets come together, there is a plan in the works to construct a traffic circle.  There will be some lighting on a statue of the late Owen Bradley also.  Several top decision makers on music row are also involved with this project.

The next lighting project is the parking lot for the new Oprymills shopping center being built over the land where Opryland Theme Park used to be.  The music industry connection is that Gaylord Entertainment is overseeing this project and they, of course, are behind CMT and TNN television networks.  At this point they only know me as an electrical engineer... Boy are they in for a surprise.

The Prototype CD is Underway

by Mark Greenawalt

Have you heard the news?  I'm going to release the very first Mark Greenawalt CD, tentatively in July.  Several songs have already been recorded and a few others are in the works.  One song, "Love Is In The Air", is slated to be recorded by the members of the Styx tribute band, EQUINOX, sometime in June.  Most of the material is being recorded in my home studio, which saves me about $40,000 over recording in a world class professional studio.  Once I have that kind of "mula" to throw around I'll go in to the big studios and record the real deal...thus the title for this particular CD is "PROTOTYPE".

I have placed some sneak-peak previews of the songs on my web page at  Just click on the New CD!!! tab to listen to the real-audio samples.  Let me know what you think of the songs.  I will probably be making some kind of promotional deal to the people on my mailing list (my adoring fans), so if your not already on my list you can email your name, address, and a brief message about how you heard of me and I'll put you on my list.   My e-mail address is .

Friends of Future-Class X Publishing

by Mark Greenawalt

I have created a new links page to lead people to my friend's web pages.  To find it go to my main page at and click on the "Links" tab.  So far it's mostly singers that I have worked with.  I have also included a link to In The Rain's Sensual Art Gallery since they have so graciously added a link to my page from their site.  They have one of my photographs of Penny Nowak on display there also.  I receive about 8 hits a week from this site and because of this I am trying to get linked to other pages.  I recently registered with a slew of search engines and with the Ultimate Band List .  If you have a web page and are interested in trading links with me, let me know.

Other General Tid-Bits

by Mark Greenawalt

I have taken several rolls of film for the cover of Dawna Bradford's upcoming CD.   Some of the contenders can be found at .  The producers weren't overly impressed with any of them so we plan to do another photoshoot shortly.  Four of the songs are currently mastered and on a sampler CD for music row people.  The Dawna Bradford band has taken a "leave of absence" from playing Tootsies for an unknown period of time.  The next scheduled show will be the first "showcase" of the new material at Douglas Corner on June there if you can.

I've fallen behind this month on shooting pictures of the state capitals, but I think June is going to easily make up for it.  I am planning on shooting at least VA, MD, PA, DE, NJ, and DC during one weekend.  I would then need three or four more to be half-way in June (depending on weather you count the DC picture).

Once again, thank you to everyone who has signed my guestbook. I appreciate the encouragement.  For those of you who haven't signed it yet, I sure would love to hear from you.  It can be found from the home page of FUTURE-CLASS X PUBLISHING at .

Type at you next month!!!
Mark Greenawalt

June 25th, Fri., Douglas Corner - 9:00pm - 11:00pm

copyright 1999, Mark Greenawalt