The Green Pages
October 1999

Playing In Front of the Music Industry's Decision Makers
by Mark Greenawalt

As I am writing this, I am less than 24 hours away from performing in front of more music industry big wigs than I have ever seen assembled in one location.  Am I scared?  Not at all...confident, in fact.  The band is well rehearsed and besides that, I'll be picturing everyone in the audience naked (at least all of the women).  The event is a showcase for a new artist named Molly Reid.  I mentioned last month that I had the opportunity to play acoustic guitar on her new CD and that I took a few pictures of her during a video shoot.  Lucky me, they liked the pictures and one of them became the album cover. 

Future-Class X Publishing is proud to be the host for Molly's web site and I am proud to have written it for her.  The photos from the album are there, a bio is included, and some contact information is also included.  My friend and fellow musician, Tom Lyle, helped me convert song samples from the CD into MP3 files for your entertainment.  So go.  Go check out her web site at .  But promise me that after you have nosed around that you'll come back and finish reading The Green Pages.

New Stuff on the Ol' Website
by Mark Greenawalt

Anybody remember that project of mine to take pictures of all of the state capital buildings by new years eve?  Well it's looking pretty doubtful that I'll get all fifty.  Priorities seem to become liquid when a newborn baby sprouts from your family tree.  However, I have added two more state capital photographs to my capital project this month.  My best friend's wedding took me to Phoenix, Arizona and my job (installing generators at Clemson University) took me to Columbia, South Carolina.  I have also updated the photos of Lincoln, Nebraska and Nashville, Tennessee with new pictures which are much better than the old ones.  To see these and the other state's pictures (along with more information about each state than humans should be allowed to know) check out my Capital Project at .

I have added a few new pieces of artwork to the Future-Class X Publishing Art Gallery.  The first is a water color painting that I was working on when my wife went into labor.  It's entitled "Morning Sentinel" and portrays a sunrise (from a photo taken in Pennsylvania) and a silhouette of an historic soldier (from a photo taken on the capital steps in Denver, Colorado).  The next is a pen & ink drawing of a knight riding a horse from a battle entitled "Survivor".  This drawing was done from a photo taken at this years Tennessee Renaissance Festival.  Also new in the Nudes section of the site is a pencil drawing of a vampire and an unsuspecting maiden.  This piece is called "Caught In The Act" and was drawn from a picture from an adult site on the internet ('s only porn until someone turns it into art).  The vampires face is actually from a picture of myself from my long haired days.  The vampires body is slightly more buff than mine...ok, ok, a lot more buff.

I've also scanned some more photos including those from a photo shoot with Terry Michael.  Terry was the fiddle/keyboard player in the Dawna Bradford band for a while and now he has gone on to pursue a music career on his own.  These pictures can be found at .  I have also re-scanned some of the pictures of my niece, Stacey, at .


Other Tidbits
by Mark Greenawalt

A huge congrats goes out to Ed & Connie for tying the knot this month.  I wish you guys all the happiness in the world and I thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding.  Send me some pictures.

I've been getting several photo shoots lined up with musicians, models, and singers here in Nashville.  I'll post them to the website soon.

The Dawna Bradford band has played a few shows this month and we have added another song to our repertoire that Dawna and I co-wrote.  It's called "Just About You" and it's a deep-down-in-the-blues-so-far-even-indigo-looks-pale kinda song.  I think your gonna like it.  We hope to record it in the home studio sometime before Christmas.  Hopefully, my own CD project will be getting back on track around that time also.

In general, life is just shy of fantastic!!

Type at you next month!!!
Mark Greenawalt

October 28th, Thur., The Castle Door (Molly Reid Showcase) - 6:00pm
November 12th, Fri., The Boardwalk Cafe - 9:00pm - 11:00pm

December 31st, ??????????????? - tba

copyright 1999, Mark Greenawalt