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Book of Spells Illustration for the Laughing Moon Chronicles extended universe

Book Of Spells

Tisier, a mercenary always on the move with an eye out for the next opportunity, was hired by a gypsy patriarch to act as warden for his twin daughters.  Both girls had been marked as potential "Valla Vakras," a rare gypsy honor that grants them the temporary foresight of an oracle.  At the moment of their ascension, Tisier murdered the girls and bound their spirits in the parchment pages of the Tome of Thralls.  Fleeing the scene of chaos, Tisier uses the book to summon forth their spirits--however the book itself is cursed and what is released from its pages is an evil reflection of the innocent gypsy twins.
-Todd VanHooser

This image features actor Shane Stevens as the hero and models Paris Harshman, Courtney Black, and Jen Amber. Photo references were from a Queen of the Damned bodypaint project at CopperCon in 2007, Villikon Chronicles film set, and an underwater photoshoot. Greenawalt incorporated these to create this digital illustration using Photoshop.



This is an 11" X 17" open edition poster print of Mark Greenawalt's original illustration of "Book of Spells". This is an original poster printed on cover stock and is signed and sent directly from the artist in a sturdy 3" mailing tube.

$20.00 USD (plus $5.00 shipping and handling within US, contact us for international rates)

Mark Greenawalt
Phoenix, AZ

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