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Villikon Chronicles Proclivty Cover Art Illustration by Mark Greenawalt - Craft of Zemlya

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Arachne is the mythological spider woman as portrayed by model Paris Harshman and her victim Matthew Lenzi in the dark illustration by Mark Greenawalt

Book of Spells Illustration for the Laughing Moon Chronicles extended universe

Elric And Cymoril

Elric raises the demon sword, Stormbringer, to fend against a dark beast lord summoned from the depths of Straasha's seas. By Arioch, he will defend his beautiful cousin Cymoril till Stormbringer drinks the soul of this foul demon.

Elric of Melnibone is a character from the novel series by author Michael Moorcock. These books and their incredible covers by artist Michael Whelan were instrumental in introducing me into the world of fantasy literature and illustration. I absolutely loved these books and the characters.

The reference images for this project were created at the 2013 LepreCon convention where artist Mark Greenawalt bodypainted models Matthew Lenzi and Laura Mae. The photoshoot took place in the hotel fountain which is included in the image. The morning after the bodypainting project, Michael Moorcock was contacted through Skype to be a virtual guest for LepreCon. He enjoyed seeing the photo from the project.

This is an 11" X 17" open edition poster print of Elric and Cymoril. This is an original poster printed on cover stock and is signed and sent directly from the artist in a sturdy 3" mailing tube.

$20.00 USD (plus $5.00 shipping and handling within US, contact us for international rates)


Mark Greenawalt
Phoenix, AZ

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