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Down Below is a digital illustration of Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless inspired by the video for Heaven Knows.

Mark Greenawalt was the illustrator and special effects makeup artist for the Vampire Queen Moria in the short film Helsing directed by Ryan Johnston and produced by Sage Greenawalt and Nate Hales of Art of War Pictures.  This work includes digital photoshop artwork derived from photos taken of actress Desiree Srinivas in face and body paint.

The Vampire Queen Moria

The Vampire Queen Moria is the first victim that Dracula ever turned into an immortal. In the midst of the neverending hunt for Dracula, the vengeful Dr. Van Helsing must encounter her and all of his other blood thirsty minions along the way

Moria is an original character in the short film "Helsing" which is an interpretation of the notorious story of Count Dracula's nemesis Van Helsing. This version is an original script that features a unique blend of western and steam punk-infused style.

Mark Greenawalt was also part of the special effects make-up team involved in developing this character and working on-set to apply face and body art elements.



This is a 13" X 19" open edition poster print of The Vampire Queen Moria. This is an original poster printed on cover stock and is signed and sent directly from the artist in a sturdy 3" mailing tube.

$20.00 USD (plus $5.00 shipping and handling within US, contact us for international rates)

Moria is an original character and all images and likenesses are trademarked and property of Art of War Pictures, LLC. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.

Mark Greenawalt
Phoenix, AZ

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