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Mark Greenawalt fantasy illustration Rainmaker is based on a bodypainting project with Amiii Richey with photography by Armando Kiyama. This digital work was completed by Greenawalt using photoshop and Bryce software.


The calm waters of this world are home to the emerald crystals that reach into the atmosphere. The Rainmaker, a water elemental, calls to the sky to release it's moisture and replenish her soul with the life that it brings.

This image features model Amiii Richey. Photo references were from a bodyart photoshoot by photographer Armando Kiyama. Greenawalt incorporated these to create this digital illustration using Photoshop and Bryce.



This is an 11" X 17" open edition poster print of Mark Greenawalt's original illustration of "Rainmaker". This is an original poster printed on cover stock and is signed and sent directly from the artist in a sturdy 3" mailing tube.

$20.00 USD (plus $5.00 shipping and handling within US, contact us for international rates)

Mark Greenawalt
Phoenix, AZ

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