Painted on jeans body art at Fluert

Clip Magazine's 5-Year Anniversary Party

E4 Nightclub, Scottsdale, Arizona
September 20, 2006

Clip Magazine was throwing a 5-Year Anniversary party at the very popular E4 Nightclub in Scottsdale. I had previously worked with Maria from Clip Magazine on the 2-year anniversary party for Latino Nights at Axis-Radius. That time it was Heineken that sponsored the event and this time it was Budlight. Maria's only assignment to me was to paint the number "5" on the model, the Clip Magazine logo, and also the new Budlight logo.

On short notice, I was able to get model Paris Harshman to do the gig. I came up with the idea of incorporating the "5" as a painted-on football jersey. I'm not sure what made me pick black and pink, but I do think that they gave the jersey a feminine touch while staying cool. I think I used Reel Creations paint on this project, but quite honestly I forget (may have been EBA or Temptu). I used just a little bit of Silver airbrushed through a cloth stencil that I was given by bodypainter Donna Nowak and that's what gave the fabric look to the black.

Here are a few pictures that I took of the final project.

Clip Magazine and Budlight logo
The Clip logo and the Budlight logo
pink and black jersey
Paris striking a pose in painted jersey
Budlight logo on Paris Harsman
The corporate side of the painting
Bodypainted football jersey at E4
In front of spiral glass wall

Paris Harshman bodypaint model
An exceptional canvas for bodypainting
model with clip magazines maria
Painted Model with the reps from Clip Magazine




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