Fuse Nightclub in Nashville Tennessee Grand Opening

Bodypainting by Mark Greenawalt
At the Grand Opening for

Opryland Hotel Complex, Nashville, TN
July 13th, 2008

Kim Kardashian was the host and Kid Rock was the DJ for this gala event in Music City. Just inside the world class Opryland Hotel and Resort lies the new Las Vegas style nightclub called FUSE. As part of the arrival experience for the star-studded grand opening, two models were bodypainted as jaguars to flank the entrace to the red carpet. Gaylord Entertainment hired me to paint the models, Katie Babcock and Courtney Black from XCel Talent agency in Atlanta. Ironically this isn't the same Courtney Black that I have painted locally here in Arizona. This Courtney is a professional cheerleader for the Atlanta Falcons. I painted each of the models using Mehron paints through a Badger Airbrush and some detail brushed on using Wolfe Brothers bodypaints. Here is a shot of the models backstage before they were elevated up to their perches.

Jaguars at Fuse Nashville Grand OpeningJaquar bodypainting on Katie from Xcel Models


The nightclub was fantastic and the lighting was really incredible. Being a lighting designer by day, I was really thrilled with the lighting design which utilized a lot of colored LED lights and the dancefloor was with rich colored theatrical fixtures. I didn't get any pictures of the night club, but I did get a lot of shots of the celebrities walking down the red carpet. In addition to Kim Kardashian and Kid Rock, there were plenty of other celebrities trapsing down the red carpet including:

Erika Dunlap (2004 Miss America)
Diana Degarmo (American Idol)
Jeffrey Steele (Songwriter/Nashville Star Judge)
Katie Cook (Nashville Star Correspondant)
Ashlee, Coffey, Gabe, Melissa, Shawn, and Laura & Sophie (Nashville Star Contestants)
Josh Johnson ( HGTV personality)
Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys)
Charles Kelley (Lady Antebellum)
Dean Sams and Cody Collins (Lonestar)
Michael Tait (dc Talk)
Danielle Peck
Trent Tomlinson
Ty Herndon
Wade Hayes
Regie Hamm (American Idol songwriter)
Rob Bironas (Tennessee Titans)
Mark Slaughter (Slaughter)

Here are a few of the celebrity pictures that I took along with the paparazzi at the red carpet:

Kid Rock was the DJ for Fuse Grand Opening
Kid Rock was the DJ for the event and the crowd went wild when he hit the red carpet

Kim Kardashian hosted Fuse event in Nashville
Reality TV Celebrity Kim Kardashian host the event and was very courteous to everyone on the red carpet

2004 Miss America Erika Dunlap
2004 Miss America Erika Dunlap was having a great time and socialized with everyone

Jeffrey Steele of Nashville Star judge
Jeffrey Steele of Nashville Star was full of smiles as he was interviewed by the media

Nashville Star contestants
Nashville Star contestants Laura & Sophie, Coffey, Ashlee, Melissa, Gabe andShawn

Danielle Peck country recording artist
Country recording artist Danielle Peck looked stunning and seemed to be really enjoying the event

Lonestar members Dean Sams and Cody Collins
Lonestar keyboardist Dean Sams introduces new singer Cody Collins from Pace, FL

Country singer Ty Herndon
Country singer Ty Herndon chats about his new release "Right About Now"

Country artist Trent Tomlinson
Country singer Trent Tomlinson arrived early to the event looking ready for a Vegas style nightclub

Country artist Wade Hayes with Courtney Black
Country artist Wade Hayes with bodypainted model Courtney Black

Michael Tait at Fuse Nightclub Grand Opening
Michael Tait of dc talk being interviewed by Wade Hayes

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