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This year marked my 10-Year Anniversary of doing live bodypainting demonstrations at the annual Exotic Art Show held at the Alwun House in Phoenix, Arizona.  The date of this year's event was Friday the 11th of February 2011.

 I painted the feature model, Paris Harshman, before the doors opened for the event. The theme for her painting was built around the tiny top hat that she brought along. I envisioned a jacket painted on her to go with the hat and I liked the idea of a circus ring master. Initially it was going to be red, but then I liked the idea of giving it a wild cat print to hint at the look of a lion tamer. She made the mask that she is wearing in the picture above.

For my second painting, I painted the back of model Lady K. She was modeling for the incredible "Joe The Balloon Pimp" and she was wearing nothing but the balloon dress that he had made her. I wanted to keep with the color theme of the balloons that she was wearing and she mentioned that she had an interest in horses. I free-handed the painting without any reference so the horses anatomy is less accurate than I had hoped, but I think you can at least tell that it is a horse.

Lady K in balloon dress by Joe The Balloon Pimp

The next painting was a volunteer from the audience. She was wearing a sexy bustier and I proposed painting it on her. As I started into the painting, it ended up going a slightly different direction than the one that she was wearing and I made it green to bring out her eye color.

Bodypainted model at Exotic Alwun House

For my last painting of the night, I had another beautiful volunteer. For some reason I just thought that a butterfly would be appropriate for her look. Once she put on the mask (also made by Paris Harshman) she really got into character and did a great job of modelling the painting.

Bodypainted model Candace V. at Exotic Alwun House



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