Bodypainted model as stained glass at Exotic Alwun House    

























A  L  W  U  N     H  O  U  S  E     2  0  1   2   

2012 starts my second decade of doing bodypainting at the wildly popular Exotic Art Show at the Alwun House Art Gallery in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. The date of this year's event was Friday the 10th of February 2012. I spent the first hour of the opening admiring some of the work on the walls and talking with several of the artists including Sarah Clemens, Baron Dickson, and Medicine Man. Usually by this time there are several attendees lining up to be bodypainted, but this year seemed off to a slow start. I was chatting with Yucel, the photographer for The Cultured Woman, and he volunteered to get his face painted and suddenly there was a crowd. I just painted a Mardi Gras inspired mask on him and then painted eyes on his eyelids for a freaky factor.

Alwun House Exotic The Cultured Woman

My next volunteer from the audience was one of the Avatar models that I had painted at the Exotic Art Show two years ago. For her painting I was inspired by a couple of the pieces of artwork on the walls and opted to go for a Stained Glass motif. I kept the painting pretty simple and used mostly Diamond FX paints and a few Wolfe Brothers (no airbrushes, sponges, or liquid latex this time). Some of the paint was UV paint, but we didn't have a strong enough UV lamp to get the full effect of that. This picture does end up being pretty cool though looking through ChromaDepth 3D glasses (Nix turned me on to these glasses at Bodyssey several years earlier). Here are two more shots of the bodypainting.

Bodypainted model at Exotic Alwun House


Bodypainted model at Exotic Alwun House



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