St. Patricks Day party at Maloney's On Campus at Arizona State University with bodypainted promotional models from AZ Models.

The Annual St. Patrick's Day Bash at Maloney's in Tempe, Arizona
Wednesday, March 17th, 2004

The green beer was a' flowing at the annual St. Patrick's Day bash at Maloney's on Campus in Tempe, Arizona.  The bar and restaurant had set up a huge circus tent for the festivities which included live music, mechanical bull riding, and a seemingly endless supply of alcohol for the lads and lasses.  Brian, the manager of Maloney's, had hired me to paint three models as part of the promotion.  I was referred to him by Melissa of AZ Models, who incidentally also supplied the "canvases" for the evening.

The first two models, Brittny and Kody, were painted concurrently at the AZ Models headquarters.  We got started around 4:30 p.m. with the intent of having them finished and at the club by 6:00 or so.  Their bodypainting motif was loosely based on the Riddler, Batman's arch enemy from the old television series, with the notable exception of the shamrock clovers replacing the question marks.  The paint used was from Reel Creations and was applied using an airbrush.  It was very subtle, but a lavender mask was also painted on them like the Riddler's.  Overall it took about 2 hours to paint them and complete the photoshoot.  They were then shuttled off to Maloney's which was only a couple of blocks away.

Next up was model Brielle.  Her bodypainting design consisted of a lucky pot of gold painted on her right breast with a full spectrum rainbow that radiates out and wraps down around her waist.  Early in the evening there was a lot of hustle and bustle as many of the girls of AZ Models were preparing to head out to numerous promotional events throughout Metro Phoenix.  As the evening wore on it was only myself, Brielle, and her boyfriend who remained at the office till the painting was completed around 8:00p.m.  Again for Brielle's painting, I used Reel Creation paints through an airbrush (except for the purple and orange which were Totally Tattoo paints).  The sun had set so all of the photos of Brielle were done inside.

Then it was off to Maloney's for the main event.  It was wall to wall people and they were all donning their best green outfits.  By the time I arrived, my three bodypainted models had become barmaids serving up green Jell-O shots to the masses.  It was great watching people's reactions once they realized that the girls were "topless" and it appeared that the girls were having a good time playing it up!  In retrospect, things went surprisingly smooth and luckily Melissa was able to join in on the fun later in the evening and got to see her staff in paint!

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