January bodypainting model Tanya Mendes February bodypainting model Naoka Nishi March bodypainting model Rachel Deboer April bodypainting model Alison Cember
May bodypainting model Alison Cember Bodypainting by Mark Greenawalt
June bodypainting model Julie "CJ" Parker
July bodypainting model Meria Berchak August bodypainting model Alison Cember
September bodypainting model Kay Kochman October bodypainting model Connie Clapper November bodypainting model Sandy Kelly December bodypainting model Kay Kochman

c2000 Paintings by Mark Greenawalt, Photos by Ed Clapper and Mark Greenawalt


This desktop calendar included 12 full-color bodypainting images packaged in a uniquely modified CD jewel case.  From animals to wetsuits, Mark Greenawalt brings his imagination and talent to the living canvases.  The 2002 models that graced the calendar were Tanya Mendes, Naoka Nishi, Rachel Deboer, Alison, Julie "CJ" Parker, Meria Berchak, Kay Kochman, Connie Clapper, and Sandy Kelly.  Greenawalt's work has appeared in national magazines, television, and live demonstrations at regional events.  His on-line portfolio can be found at www.futureclassx.com .

Please e-mail Mark at mark@futureclassx.com to inquire about current availability.  The calendar itself and all images contained within are the property of Mark Greenawalt and/or Edward Clapper.  No part of this work shall be copied, reprinted, or used in any commercial manner without the written consent of the owners.  Prohibited uses are in direct violation of copyright laws and are therefore punishable by law.

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