LepreCon 36 bodypainting by Mark Greenawalt

LepreCon 36 bodypainting by Mark Greenawalt

May 14-16, 2010
Phoenix Mesa Marriott, Mesa, AZ




For LepreCon 36 I wanted to paint an original design of a sexy cyborg character. I had a few ideas in mind, but I really wanted this to be a free flowing idea as I painted the model. Too often I am scrambling to find a model at the last minute and this event was no exception. Luckily it usually tends to work out and this time I was extremely fortunate to get to work with Lessa who is best known in the convention world as the dark elf in the Laughing Moon booth. She was at the convention promoting the works of Todd VanHooser and although she was supposed to make an appearance at an evening event, Todd was gracious enough to let her take part in my panel. Thanks Todd and Lessa!

There was a pretty good turn-out for the panel that consisted of quite a few pirates so that was fun. This was my first time working with Lessa, but I had seen her photography portfolio on model mayhem and she is extremely photogenic and wonderful to work with.

The first part of the process was using liquid latex from Maximum Impact along with cotton balls to form up the molten silver circle on her chest. I also glued on a few resistors (from lab experiments in college at Penn State many years ago) and also added some texture within the circle. Next I started airbrushing the base coats of purple, yellow, black, and white. I used various stencils for different effects throughout. I used Mehron's new LUX paints for this step. The last step was adding some circuitry using silver paint from Wolfe Brothers using a paint brush.

I think it ended up taking about 2 hours to complete the painting. Although I had hoped to glue on more appliances, hoses, and techy things, it was time to start to the photoshoot. Here are a few more images from the project.

Cyborg bodypainting with Lessa at LepreCon 36

Sci-fi body art at LepreCon Convention with model Lessa



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