End of the World Party


Bodypainting by Mark Greenawalt
at the End of the World

LepreCon 37 bodypainting by Mark Greenawalt on Jen Amber

I was invited to do a live bodypainting demonstration for the party finale that started at Midnight (assuming that the world actually wouldn't end). I was in a tent that was organized by the brilliant Nola Yergen and the theme revolved around aliens. The decor included a huge 8' crashed spaceship, an alien on display, and nightclub lighting. Lots of food and champagne and a live dance routine were other features of the finale.

Nola discovered our volunteer model, Jamie who was painted with a alien/Myan motif. The design was mostly off-the-cuff and involved some improvisations since there was too much voltage drop for my compressor to run my airbrush. Here is a shot from the final photoshoot. I shot with a Canon 5D and used two Alien Bees with an amber color gel.

Check out the official party website at endofworldaz.com for more images from the party.



But we all found out what
happened after time ran out…

This was the biggest party ever thrown by the Dark Ones, Endless or AZ Corsairs, there were 685 people that attended and oh what a party it was! There was food, drink, live entertainment, music, and lots of fun! There were special events throughout the evening and then a spectacular finale that began at midnight.

Each group had their own section of the party, complete with their own Bar, to make sure you witness the End of the World in style!

Dark Ones – Armageddon,
Endless – Dark Carnival,
Corsairs – Pirate Christmas

There was a stage for Entertainment, a ‘Fallout Shelter’ dance floor, food donated by members of all the groups, and a pig roasting on the site. Costumes were not required, but fortunately most of the patrons were in full regalia.

Thank you to all those that made this Epic Event possible. It was an experience none of us will even forget.

A Special thanks to Elias, the Site Host, that trusted the organizers with his home for a week of set up, two days of break down and eight amazing hours of non stop party. The party was held on a large "horse property" site in Glendale with porta-johns and fire pits and multiple tents.

There were End of the World Party T-shirts that completely sold out in the first 15 minutes of the party!

We are celebrating the coming of the End of the World!





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