Tales Retold theme Bodypainting at Phoenix ComiCon 2016
Tales Retold theme Bodypainting at Phoenix ComiCon 2016


This year's theme for the Phoenix Comicon Bodypainting Extravaganza was "TALES RETOLD". Unfortunately I wasn't able to be a part of this year's show since I was travelling back east for my neice's graduation. I co-produced the show this year with Vanessa. I did most of the pre-production work, but then Vanessa took the reigns for the actual production. This year's show had 6 artists and 6 models. In the advertisement that I made above you can see each of the artists shown above the models that they painted.

Artist Brandon McGill worked with our only male model, Tyler Monzingo. This was their first time at the Extravaganza and they knocked it out of the park with a stilt-walking Cathulu.


Artists Papi Miranda also part of previous bodypainting extravaganzas (2014 - "Goddesses" and 2015 - "Aliens"). Papi's model was once again Michelle Gamboa who he had also worked with for the "Aliens" shoot.

Vanessa Sophia Robertson was also part of previous bodypainting extravaganzas (2014 - "Goddesses" and 2015 - "Aliens"). Vanessa was paired up with model Ashley Crisci, a newcomer to the the Extravaganza.

Jocelyn Casdorph was back again after her debut on the 2015 - "Aliens" event. She paired her up with model Alexandria Marie (aka AlliGator Girl) who has been painted in every extravaganza.

Husband and wife team of Eric Simmons and Holly Shoemaker were also back for their second year, but this time instead of collaborating on one model they each painted their own. Eric worked with Vanessa Ferrales while Holly worked with Lia Fowler. This was the first extravaganze for each of the models.


I wish I could have been there. It looks like they had a lot of fun. Here are some additional photos taken by photographer Steven Fellheimer


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