Monochrome theme Bodypainting at Phoenix ComiCon
Phoenix ComiCon 2017 Bodypainting


This year we had a full house ready to watch our bodyart demo with a special treat of having Miss Krystle do a live music set. The theme was Monochrome and each of the models were going to be painted with shades of a single color. I set up color changing light fixtures at the foot of the stage that would dynamically change the color of each of the models as it cycled through the rainbow. The backdrop was made up of banners of the six primary and secondary colors that would also change with the dynamic lighting. We were able to get started with the painting once the crowd was seated, but unfortunately this year we were stopped short by the sounding of the fire alarm system. The whole convention was evacuated to the streets. Our models grabbed robes, but basically were out on the street with no clothes. We hoped against hope that we would get to go back in and finish the project, but it was not meant to be they closed the convention for the rest of the night and sent everyone home.

We were escorted by security to go back in and get our equipment and I had to strike all of the lighting, backdrop, and photography equipment in addition to all of my painting supplies. Miss Krystle was able to do a sound check before the doors opened, but unfortunately the audience never got the opportunity to hear her. Here are a few pictures that were taken of the partially completed models. If you were there and have any cell phone pics, please send them my way.



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