C U T T Y   B L A C K   P A R T Y
MARCH 2003

c2002 Painting and photo by Mark Greenawalt

CUTTY BLACK 100 PROOF PARTY    -     Tuesday, March 4th, 2003
Sugar Daddy's, 3102 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ


The name Cutty Sark has become synonomous with top shelf scotch whiskey.  Their new product though is in a class of it's own and is making waves in the shot industry.  It's called Cutty Black and it is 100 Proof.  As part of a huge Mardi Gras Party at Sugar Daddy's in Scottsdale, Cutty was on hand to promote the launch of the new whiskey.  I was brought on board to paint the logo on two models for the event.  The models, who were provided by Aron Mezo of Professional Events in Scottsdale, were none other than Jessica Jaymes of www.jessicajaymes.com and Nicolette Valentine.

Jessica was painted first.  Since she's the feature of her own adult website, Jessica had no inhibitions and was very anxious to show off the artwork.  Nicolette, on the other hand, was a little apprehensive about being "topless" in this atmosphere until she felt "covered" in the paint and then she really turned it on.  After they were both painted, we tried to do a mini-photoshoot in the tent, but the lighting was pretty dim.  The above shots were taken with my digital camera.

For the project I used Totally Tattoo body paint from Badger Airbrush.  Most of the work was done with a Badger Airbrush except for some of the hard edge details that were completed with a brush.  The Totally Tattoo colors are brilliant without needing to mix them at all.  The purple and black sky set a great backdrop for the lightning in my opinion.

I took the opportunity, by the way, to try a shot of Cutty Black and it is really different.  I found it to be smoother than Jack Daniels or Jaggermeister, but it packs just as much punch.  I also tried several appetizers at Sugar Daddy's and would also recommend this place for a lunch or supper anytime (especially with the atmospheric outdoor patio where acoustic musicians are often playing).



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