August 3rd, 2005  -  Axis-Radius in Scottsdale, Arizona

Maxim Magazine (the Spanish Version) and Bud Light (the international version) joined forces for a national tour of U.S. cities holding huge parties at each stop and searching for beautiful faces to grace the pages of the magazine.  They coined the event enfoócate con Maxim.  Heavenly Latinas strutted their stuff on the stage, which doubled as a full-fledged photography studio, and had their pictures taken holding bottles of ice cold Bud Light.  The photographer shot couples, groups, and solo chicas and chicanos.  I was thrilled to be a part of the show during the stop here in Phoenix (Scottsdale to be more precise).  Here is a partial listing of the other tour stops:

6/26-San Antonio
07/21-El Paso
08/03-Phoenix (Scottsdale)
08/18-San Francisco/San Jose
09/15-San Diego
09/22-San Juan
TBA-New York
TBA-Los Angeles

Cardenas Marketing Network, the promoters for the event, were searching for a bodypainter in Phoenix and I was referred to them by Boston face painter Ginny Colangelo at www.gincproductions.com and then separately by make-up artist Dori Randall.  They gave me free reigns to come up with a bodypainting idea that incorporated the logos of Maxim Magazine and Bud Light and after a little bit of time spent in photoshop I came up with the idea to paint the Anheuser Busch "A" logo as the "A" in Maxim.  I knew it would be tough to complete in the allotted time they had given me, but it came together just in the nick of time.

The two Maxim models that I painted were Kesia and Kenna and working with both of them was awesome.  We did the painting in ladies room at Axis-Radius which turned into a dressing room for all of the Maxim girls slipping into lingerie (that was fun!).  It took approximately an hour and half to paint each girl and then they were turned loose to entertain the masses.  The paintings were airbrushed using Badger Airbrushes, compressors, and paints.  The girls were masters at working the crowd and they eventually posed for Polaroid shots with everyone at the event.

This was a very fun event and I stuck around until after midnight.  Here are a few more shots of the event with captions...


Later that night, I finally had the opportunity to meet a model that I have been hoping to work with for quite a while.  Her name is Aaryn Alonzo.  As she walked in, she commanded everyone's attention and I was sure that she must be some movie star or something.  I snapped some shots of her while she was on stage for her "Maxim audition" before I realized who she was.  I introduced myself afterward and I really enjoyed getting to meet her.  Below is one of my shots of her and you can see more of her on her website at http://www.aarynalonzo.com/ .

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