Firesky Resort Grand Opening Body Paintings

Feast of Fools
Paper Heart Art Gallery

Phoenix, AZ - March 24th, 2007


The 2007 Feast of Fools was held at the Paper Heart Art Gallery in Phoenix on March 24th. Although the attendance was well below anticipated, everyone there had a great time. The event was produced by Rowan at Western Gates Faerie Realms and she did a fantastic job of booking some great acts such as music from the band Traveler and magic from the Strange Family Circus. Many were dress in costumes from the middle ages and nearly everyone was at least wearing a mask.

I was brought on-board to do bodypainting at the event. I was really looking forward to the evening since I loved the genre and I really enjoy the vibe at the Paper Heart. Unfortunately, things didn't quite turn out as planned. The model that had been booked to be painted had a last minute family illness to deal with so I was left without a canvas. It is usually easy to find a willing volunteer at an event, but tonight everyone was already in costume.

There was one girl there who had painted herself green and she was wearing a woodland faerie costume. I spoke with her for a little while and then offered to embellish her painting with some airbrushed leaves. See the picture below for the final result. I also painted several small items on other guests and then found a mirror and painted my own face in lieu of wearing a mask. See the picture below. Other than that, I spent most of the night mingling and taking photos of the costumed attendees.

Feast of Fools Woodland Faerie Self painted face of skull


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