vampire prosthetics eye contacts and teethA VERY "GREEN" HALLOWEEN

Halloween at the Greenawalt residence throughout the ages.


Vampire foam latex prosthetics

I attended a party and decided to do a vampire costume. I had bought a black hooded robe last year to wear for a Darth Sidious costume. I had been studying up on the professional application of prosthetics and everything steered me toward using foam latex prosthetics and glueing them on with Pros-Aid. This was my first project with them and I was very happy with the results. I also invested in a pair of yellow contact lenses and custom vampire teeth. Here are some additional progress shots and a close-up.

Vampire step 1 prosthetics Vampire step 2 face painting vampire step 3 contacts teeth and lighting close up special effects make-up

This same year my son Sage went as a wounded knight. Here is a shot of his SPFX make-up that I applied.

knight with special effects scars SPFX scars and bruises


In 2005 I bought some rubber latex appliances of an old man prosthetics. My goal was to make it look like Darth Sidious. I didn't have much luck with using spirit gum for the glue and none of my bodypaints seem to adhere to the rubber latex very well, but here is the shot.

Halloween 2005 costumes Darth Sidious prosthetics


Well I didn't do any special costumes this year for me or the kids, but I did paint a pumpkin like Ben Grimm (The Thing) and my friend Ed as a Caribean pirate.

Ben Grimm Pumkin Thing Pirate of the Caribbean



In October of 2003, we spent Halloween in Las Vegas and attended the Vegas ComicCon Sci-Fi Convention. Here are a few images of our costumes for the event. I was Ghost Rider, Sage was Night Crawler, and Zane was Venom.

Ghost Rider make-up Night Crawler costume Mini Venom costume

Up to and including 2002 (Under Construction)

I know that I've done quite a few different Halloween face paintings throughout the years and I'm tracking them down. For now, here is a shot of me with Alice Cooper make-up on for a Halloween acoustic guitar gig I played one year and also a picture of me as a kid in a ghoulish outfit that words just can't describe (sorry thumbnails only for now). More to come...

Alice Cooper eye make-up Childhood halloween costume




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