c2002 Painting and photo by Mark Greenawalt

le cirque de démons
November 1st, 2002

The historic San Carlos Hotel in downtown Phoenix played host to an upscale Masquerade Party thrown by Switch Entertainment on this Friday following Halloween.  The setting was the high end lounge, Privé, that had been transformed into a cultural marketplace by the pyrotechnic performances by Culte de Fue and amazing performances by Afro-Brazilian music and dance troupe Axe Capoeria.

Amidst the array of festive costumes were two intriguing she-devils that at times stole the spotlight and then disappeared into the shadows.  Professional models Azure and Gaby were painted from head to toe with a fiery red and then fitted with horns to complete the motif.  The bodypainting session started around 6:00 at Switch Entertainment's office which is only a few short blocks from the San Carlos Hotel.  The paint, Totally Tattoo brand from Badger Airbrush, was airbrushed on the bodies of the two models first.  Since this paint is not recommended for faces, a different brand of liquid make-up was needed to be airbrushed for the faces and ears.  Luckily Ben-Nye makes a liquid make-up that exactly matches the color of the Totally Tattoo bodypaint.  Kandy from DDK Studio was challenged with doing the glamour make-up over a red foundation and did a fantastic job of pulling it off.

After the painting was complete it was off to a quick photoshoot before heading to the party.  We found a bedroom and pulled every light we could find into the space and told the two she-devils to "act natural".  Who knew they would turn it on so much and turn the photoshoot hot as hell (pun intended).  I'm not sure who had the most fun in this session, but let me say that a good time was had by all.

While I was cleaning up the mess we all made at Switch, the two "evils" made their grand entrance into the party.  I was told that Gaby had decided not to wear a top for her entrance and since there were a lot of red lights in the club, it appeared that not only was she topless, but there was no way to tell that she was even painted.  For the rest of the night they remained scantily clad in the black bra, panties, and boots and could have easily tempted Adam with the forbidden fruit.

Here are a few of the images from the photoshoot.  Click on the images to enlarge them.  Azure is on the left and Gaby is on the right.  This was undoubtedly the steamiest bodypainting/photosession that I have worked on to date.

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