Liner Notes


(Verse 1)
Do angels cry
When they first arrive?
You’ll be OK
Learning to fly

Don’t cry for me
I’ll be alright
But I’m gonna miss you
With all of my might

Oh Lord, well does she share this emotion?
Guide her ‘cross the stormy ocean

Don’t you cry angel, (don’t you cry, no)
God won’t let you fall through His hands.
And though I may never understand
It’s all part of the plan…

(Verse 2)
Do angels see
Across the veil
Can you look back
Once you set sail?

I hope you smile
Looking down on me
I’ll fight back the tears
In case you can see

Oh Lord, don’t let me drown in emotion?
Guide me ‘cross that stormy ocean

Ooo, angel don’t you cry

I hear your whisper on the wind, (Goodbye)
Hands up to Heaven, and I hear your voice again (I’ll be waiting for you)

Dont’ You Cry

Don’t cry angel, (don’t you cry)
You’re on my mind and in you’re His hands.
Someday I promise we’ll meet again
It’s all part of the plan

Ooo, when an angel cries
When an angel cries



Music and Lyrics by
Mark Greenawalt (Future-Class X Publishing, ASCAP) and
Angel L. Pizarro, Jr. (Faded Periwinkle Publishing, ASCAP)

Vocals - Mark Greenawalt
Guitars and Piano/Keyboards - Mark Greenawalt
Bass - Webb Pickersgill
Drums - Angel Pizarro
Harmony Vocals - Uncredited



- Check out the video on the making of the stained glass window set piece for the video here

- The initial tracks were recorded as a student project for Daniel Armijo at the Conservatory of Recording Arts in Phoenix, Arizona. This included the bass, drums, piano, the synth solo, and an original vocal track that was later re-recorded with revised lyrics.

- The origin of the songs lyrics are about a friend of Angel Pizarro who passed away. He wrote the first pass of lyrics and then collaborated with Greenawalt around the his grand piano. The lyrics were "word smithed" several times before reaching the final version.

- The overhead shots were done with a make-shift "camera-on-a-string-draped-over-a-backdrop-stand-raised-and-lowered-by-a-revolving-drill-bit". It seemed to be a good idea, but most of the footage was shaky and unusable. It was worth a try and a few clips actually made it in (look for the shots with light blue shirt). - The footage of Angel playing drums was actually shot in the studio when we were at the Conservatory of Recording Arts. The footage of Webb and I there was not as presentable. Webb has since moved away to Colorado, but he was kind enough to film himself playing the song and send me the footage to include. All of Greenawalt's footage was shot in his piano room except the keyboard solo shot in the recently tiled bathroom. The stained glass window was taken to Savanah's house to record her parts.

- This video was mostly filmed during the Corona virus pandemic in March of 2020. Hopefully the message can be comforting to those who have experienced loss from this unseen menace.



UPC - 767501401919
ISRC - QZ8252011196

Recorded at The Conservatory of Recording Arts and engineered by Daniel Armijo. Additional tracks added and final mixing completed using Logic X Software at Greenawalt's home studio.



Official Music Video - Aerialist - Dakoa O'Kane, Aerialist Video Footage - Glen Goldblatt, Angel - Savannah Marie Greenawalt, Overhead Video Footage - Zane Greenawalt, Bass Player Footage - Webb Pickersgill (the bassist), Everything Else - Mark Greenawalt (Director, Editor, Cinematographer, Lighting, Camera Operator, Set Decorator, Prop Master, oh, and lead actor) Edited in Premiere, Cameras used were Canon 5Dm3 and iPhone