Liner Notes


You don't have to sing high
You don't have to sing strong
Yeah, you can sing any way you want
You just have to sing out your song
Then watch the whole world sing along

If you've got something to say
You know there's someone out there
You could show them the way

If you've got something to share
You know there's someone hurting
You could show them you care

You've got a story to tell
And music does it so well
Shout it out, bang a gong
Yeah, sing out your song

If your pitch ain't quite right
If the words come out wrong
Well, if you sing from the heart you'll find
The whole world will still sing along
You just have to sing out your song

I know you might be afraid
To open up your heart
And share mistakes that you've made

But you got through it OK
So if you share your story
You might make someone's day

Don't be afraid, love
Show them what you're made of
You can never go wrong
If you sing out your song

You've got a story to tell
And music does it, oh so well
Shout it out, bang a gong
Sing out your song
Ooo, sing out your song



Music and Lyrics by
Mark Greenawalt (Future-Class X Publishing, ASCAP)

Lead and HarmonyVocals and whistling, Guitars, Fender Rhodes Electric Piano, Keyboards, Bass, Clarinet, Drums (including sandpaper and sticks) - Mark Greenawalt


I wrote this song while sitting at my piano, but I didn't record it right away. I was waiting for the time to be right I guess. I had planned to hire someone on Fiverr to do the whistling (since I never learned to whistle). But I did hope to one day be able to whistle this tune myself so I started practicing. Lo and behold, I didn't get great yet, but I was at least able to do the whistle track myself. Also new for me is playing the clarinet. Luckily, it's a bit similar to playing saxophone and flute so I was able to at least play this little piece in the middle of this song.

The final element that came together was buying back my Fender Rhodes that I sold over 2 decades ago. I had intended the song to be a piano song, but when I played it on my Rhodes, it was almost like I knew why the time wasn't right to record it before now. While doing the studio recording of each instrument, I set up my iPhone on a tripod to do a video of each take. So this video shows the performance of the final takes in the studio.


ISRC - QZMER2242941

Original tracks recorded and mixed using Logic X in Phoenix: Vocals on CAD Equitek microphone, Fender Rhodes Mark 1 electric piano, Ibanez Musican electric guitar, Jackson bass., Roland V-Drums with Superior Drummer Software.


Studio Performance Video - Produced, filmed, and edited by Mark Greenawalt using Premier.