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I've been fortunate to have played with some incredible musicians over the years. I have started this little on-line "scrapbook" to share some of the good times and mabey give a little behind the music info eventually. Here are some of the bands that I have been a part of during my music career so far...


Anti-M Logo from Exhibit A


Spark Jack Daddy is a 14-piece band that plays high energy rock and pop songs. The band consists of 2 guitars, 4 horns, 4 harmony singers, a drummer, bassist, percussionist, and keyboardist. The core of this band is made up of members of Nineball and they kicked off this project with a show in New Orleans. After a string of corporate events playing audience favorites they recently wrote new songs that featured the expansive orchestration. In 2018 they debut their original music at the McDowell Mountain Music Festival which also featured (Dr. Dog, Too Many Zooz, Cut Copy, Big Gigantic, and the Seratones).

I play keyboards and occasionally break out the harmonica or mandolin. The band is playing "My Own Little World", a song that I co-wrote with Nashville songwriter Chris St.Croix. Upcoming show is at the Culinary Arts Festival in Scottsdale.



Anti-M Logo from Exhibit A
Click HERE for more about Anti-M


Recorded by Anti-M
Written by Mark Greenawalt, Future-Class X Publishing (ASCAP)

ANTI-M was a rock band that I started in 1989 with guitarist Ed Clapper. To read more about that band project, click on the logo to the left. This is a song that I wrote called "Shoot Me" that was released on our second release entitled "Exhibit A". Click on the title of the song to listen.(Greenawalt) 1993 Hair Farmer Publishing.
Mark Greenawalt - Lead Vocal, Guitar, and Keyboards
Ed Clapper - Guitar (solo) and Harmony Vocal
Roger Wiedabach - Drums and Harmony Vocal
Jerre Lamar - Bass


Equinox Styx Cover Band


Cover (DeYoung)

When I lived in Nashville, I joined a Styx tribute band called Equinox. We only played two shows, but one of them was a Styx Jam that brought Styx fans from all over the country to Nashville to hear us play. Here is a link to a video file of me singing and playing guitar on Suite Madame Blue. For more pictures and clips from this event, click here .
Mark Greenawalt (Lead Vocal and Guitar), Bill Vincent (Keyboards and Harmony Vocals), Tom Lyle (Bass and Harmony Vocals), Kevin (Guitar and Harmony Vocals), and Joey (Drums)




Seven Nation Army
by the White Stripes

Drums are not my forte. I am much more comfortable behind a guitar or keyboards, but for the Intel Talent show at the Chandler Center for the Arts I played drums for a band called Double Negative. The band was made up of my long time friend Ed Clapper (Anti-M) on guitar, his daughter Aris on Vocals, and my son Sage on bass. We did a cover of Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes. Here is is from Youtube.
Mark Greenawalt - Drums
Ed Clapper - Guitar
Aris Clapper - Vocals
Sage Greenawalt - Bass


Double Negative Covered Paramore's "Ain't It Fun"


Double Negative Covers Ben Fold's "Rockin' The Suburbs"


Double Negative (assuming the name of EC3 for this performance) covers Matchbox 20's "Bright Lights"


Other bands to be added soon include the following:
Sonic City
Dawna Bradford Band
Ashley Hayes Band
Molly Reid Band
Ray Wheeler & The Edge
Z-Rock Preserve Band
Center Alley



Mark Greenawalt, Artist
Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America


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