E Q U I N O X - S T Y X   T R I B U T E   B A N D

The front line: Bill, Kevin, Tom, and Mark.  Not shown is Joey on drums.

This Styx tribute band was formed specifically for the STYX JAM '99 event held in Nashville, Tennessee. The crowd was made up of Styx fans from all over the country that "met" on an internet chat room and they literally went "bananas" for every song and sang along with every word. Everybody knows that I am a big Styx fan anyway, but when Bill Vincent offered to let me play in the core band, I was in seventh heaven. I got to sing "Suite Madame Blue" and "Boat On The River" and then also helped on guitar (acoustic & electric), mandolin, keyboards, and vocal harmonies on everything else. Bill Vincent was the driving force behind organizing this national gathering of Styx fans and, b.t.w., he also played one hell of good Dennis DeYoung (keyboardist/singer of Styx).

The band's name came from the 1975 album EQUINOX which was STYX 5th record ( their first release on A&M Records). The band was formed to play this one and only gig, but they ended up playing a follow up show at Players Draught House on April 8th. There was talk on the internet of plans for STYX JAM 2K in Kansas City or Chicago...but it didn't pan out.

The band was assembled and developed over a period of six weeks, learning 15 songs that were voted on from other fans coming to the event. The set list included Come Sail Away, Too Much Time On My Hands, Suite Madame Blue, Boat On The River, The Best of Times, Crystal Ball, and others...




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Fooling Yourself - 3.6MB
Come Sail Away - 4MB

Photography courtesy of Mickey Jorgensen and Kathy Tice

Mark Greenawalt:
Acoustic 12-string guitar, electric guitar,
mandolin, keyboards, and vocals

Four part harmonies!

Bill Vincent:
Keyboards, vocoder, and vocals

Drums and percussion

Tom Lyle:
Bass and vocals

Acoustic 6-string, electric guitars, and vocals

Mark's rendition of the world famous
Foolin' Yourself spin

Mark singing and playing mandolin on
"Boat on the River"

Twin solos on "Too Much Time On My Hands"

Take a bow, you guys earned it.

If anyone that attended the event has any more pictures please send them to me and I will post them on this page!!!

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Mark Greenawalt c1999

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