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I was very fortunate to go to a highschool that placed a high value on English grammar and writing. Then in college I took additional creative writing and technical writing classes that expanded my horizon and then even a screenwriting course that opened additional opportunities. Although I have never had a passion for poetry, I have ventured into that realm through the use of original lyrics that I have written in the craft of songwriting. Below is a sample of some of my writing portfolio pieces from the past. MG

Queensryche Review (Burning Hot Events Online Magazine, March 2019) - Concert review and photos of Queensryche at the Marquee Theater with Fates Warning.

Shania Twain Review (Burning Hot Events Online Magazine, July 2018) - Concert review and photos of Shania Twain at Talking Stick Arena in Phoenix.

Tech 9ine Review (Burning Hot Events Online Magazine, May 2018) - Concert review of Tech 9ine at The Van Buren.

Miss Krystle Review (Burning Hot Events Online Magazine, November 2017) - Concert review and photos of Miss Krystle at private studio for EP release.

Shanghai Bodypainting Festival Review (Illusion Magazine, 2010) - A breakdown of each day spent in Shanghai during the bodypainting festival with artists and models from around the world.

Stretch Your Imagination With Liquid Latex (Illusion Magazine, 2009) - Article that discusses the use of liquid latex as a bodypainting medium.

Illuminating The Night With The Power Of Sunshine (AZ Big Media Online Magazine, September 2009) - Article about collecting daylight as stored energy to later illuminate light fixtures after sunset.

Design Details: Precious Engineered Stone (Contact Magazine, April 2007) - Article discussing the beauty and advantages to using engineered quartz surfacing for countertops and other decorative elements.

Design Details: Concrete-Solid Versatility (Contact Magazine, December 2006) - Interior design article about the versitility of concrete as a construction material.

Abstract Expressions Inspired by Nature:  Lisa Marie Sipe (Ignite Magazine, August 2006) - Artist spotlight article about abstract artist Lisa Marie Sipe.

The Equilibrium of Art and Science:  John Tzelepis (Ignite Magazine, July 2006) - Artist spotlight article about structural designer John Tzelepis.

Photo-Realism:  The Art of Sarah Clemens (Impulse Magazine, May 2006) - Biographical article about photo-realistic artist Sarah Clemens.

Artist Spotlight:  Tad (Contact Magazine, May 2006) - Artist Tad Smith combines painting with some very unique 3-D sculptures and displays them at his Studeo Tad art gallery in the Grand Avenue Arts District.

Gallery Spotlight:  The Alwun House (Contact Magazine, March 2006) - An historical and charming art gallery in downtown Phoenix with multiple annual art events and an inviting outdoor garden meeting space.

Gallery Spotlight:  The Paper Heart (Contact Magazine, December 2005) - A second article about the downtown Phoenix art gallery that specializes in live entertainment in addition to extensive art work displays.

Artist Spotlight:  Ann Drosendahl (Contact Magazine, December 2005) - Biographical article about Phoenix based artist Ann Drosendahl.

Guitar Mania (Contact Magazine, December 2005) - Article about the public art project of 10 foot stratocaster guitars painted and endorsed by celebrities.

Gallery Spotlight:  Bentley Projects (Contact Magazine, November 2005) - Article about the downtown Phoenix art gallery that specializes in large and typically upscale art work displays.

Artlinks First Fridays, Spotlight:  The Paper Heart (Pocket Magazine, April 2005) - Article about the downtown Phoenix art gallery that specializes in live entertainment in addition to extensive art work displays.

Painting with Liquid Latex (Face And Body Art Magazine, Jan-Jun 2005) - Article describing art classes on airbrush and liquid latex techniques at the magazine's international trade show in Orlando, FL.

Boobs for Beads (Sonik Magazine, February 2005) - Article about the Mardi Gras tradition of flashing breasts for "throws" on Bourbon Street, New Orleans.

3Doors Down (Sonik Magazine, February 2005, 2nd publishing in Pocket Magazine, April 2005) - Interview and article with the Mississippi rock band that penned the songs Kryptonite, When I'm Gone, and Here Without You.

Lifecasting:  The Art of 3-Dimensional Photography (Playtime Magazine, January 2005) - Lifecasting is the art of making a mold of the human body to make plasterer or bronze real-to-life sculptures.

McFarlane Toys Grand Opening (Pocket Magazine, December 2004) - Todd McFarlane opens up a new store in Tempe, Arizona.

Rock Stars Revisited (Sonik Magazine, September 2004) - This is an article about tribute bands that cover the music of some of rock's greatest musicians.

The Villikon Chronicles:  Ascension of an Epic Adventure (Written for Femme Fatales Magazine, November 2003) - The ongoing success story of a science fiction screenplay turned graphic novel and the traveling marketing effort to turn it into a movie.

Body Landscapes (Facepainting International Magazine, July 2003) - Bodypainting in the southwestern US and it's origins.

Painting Arizona (Written for Swimsuit Illustrated, June 2002) - Bodypainted swimsuits made of liquid latex shot on the waterfronts of Arizona.