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January 2021


Happy New Year - 2021 Resolutions     
by Mark Greenawalt

Mark Greenawalt headshot at the Samick Grand Piano

I had fallen a couple of months behind in issuing my Green Pages so I spent all day on New Years Day playing catch up to send out Oct, Nov, Dec, and this first issue of 2021. So my first resolution is to commit to getting my newsletter out on the 1st of each month or at least in the first week if there are extenuating circumstances. I hoping to include the highlights from the previous month and also give some glimpses into what I am currently working that will be coming soon. As always I hope to grow the number of subscribers to this list, but I also want to be content in the fact that I have low numbers of subscribers, but this core group has been my real friend network. I'm not sure I could be a genuine if I was connecting with a ten-thousand subscribers (however, I won't be turning them away either), I do need to get my number of subscribers up on YouTube though since they don't monetize any videos until you have at least 1,000 suscribers and I'm still under 200 as of this date.

Tomorrow I plan to write out my New Years resolutions like I do every year and go through last year's list to see how I did. The pandemic was not helpful this past year in reaching some goals, but I put out 6 new music videos in 2020 and my goal was to release 4. I had a goal to perform 6 live shows, but that reality did not happen at all once all of the live music was shot down in flames worldwide. Bodypainting is also something that seems to have become a distant memory more than a future resolution (although I have toyed with putting out a second body art book someday). I'll come up with some defined and achievable goals for photography projects and painting projects and maybe some personal life goals and career goals. Overall though, I am entering 2021 with my sights set on creating music and getting out to the people who care.


It Was 20 Years Ago Today     
by Mark Greenawalt

Cheetah bodypainting from the 2001 New Years Eve event at Axis-Radius in Scottsdale.

This is the bodypainting that I did on New Year's Eve at Axis-Radius in Scottsdale back when we brought in 2001. This image brought me national exposure when it was published in Airbrush Action Magazine and that led to invitations to teach body art nationally and internationally. The model was Tanya Mendes and although the painting was relatively simple, she rocked the photoshoot so much that the painting didn't really matter that much. This was one of the first bodypaintings that I did with an airbrush. This image later went on to be featured in one of my body art calenders and then eventually in my book Coats of Paint. Maybe I'll open the vault and share more pictures from this shoot someday.


On The Boards (A New Section Of The Green Pages)     
by Mark Greenawalt

Llumina Vee photoshoot at the Biltmore Resort

In this new section of the Green Pages, I'll try to give a little blurb about the projects that I have "On The Boards" that I hope to present in the coming months. Here's what is up right now:

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