S N O W   L E O P A R D
c2000 Painting by Mark Greenawalt, photo by Ed Clapper

This bodypainting was performed live on a television broadcast of Good Morning Arizona on Channel 3 in Phoenix.  The reason for the telecast was to promote the New Year's Eve celebration at a night club in Scottsdale called Axis-Radius.  The New Year's theme was to be a jungle motif and I was commissioned to paint several models with animal prints.  To see some of the paintings from the New Year's Eve party, click here.

The painting took approximately 2 hours to complete.

The idea behind the image was based on a party hat that I had with this animal print.  The paints used on most of her body were Ben Nye face paints.  The white and the tan colors were applied with an airbrush and the black dots are actually Maximum Impact liquid latex that was sponged on.

(Additional pictures from the session and the video footage of the on-air interview have been removed at the models request)



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