The Green Pages
October 2001

My Gift Is My Song  
by Mark Greenawalt

This is my first newsletter since the attacks on New York, Washington, and my home state of Pennsylvania.  I have sat down to write this newsletter several times, but the words seem harder to find now.  My heart goes out to those lost, to those who have lost, and to those who now feel a little lost.  I wanted to help and was able to send a small donation to the Tribute to Heroes September 11th Telethon Fund.  Faith Hill's song literally gave me goose bumps and Bon Jovi's acoustic rendition of "Living On A Prayer" was also moving.

I feel fortunate to have been invited to help out in a new project to raise money for the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.  It's a compilation CD project of songs by local artists and it is being assembled by my good friend LeeAnne Savage from Tucson.  In her e-mail LeeAnne wrote, "It will be a small way for all of us to help...and since musicians typically don't have much $$$$ to contribute to charities, I thought that we could all 'donate' some of our music!!! =0)."  Sponsors for the project include Lifestyle Magazine, Allusion Studios, KOLD-TV, Zia Records & The Red Cross."  The CD is slated to be released in time for Christmas.  I'll keep you posted as details develop.  I am looking forward to giving the gift of song to do my part and I hope some of you may be able buy a copy to support the project once it's available.


Historic Route 66 Revisited at MacAlpine's Soda Shop
by Mark Greenawalt

The assignment was to create an image loosely based on the pin-up girls of the 40's and 50's and here is what we came up with.  The setting is a truly historic restaurant that was actually built in 1928 and still stands today.  Moreover, it is still in business today and I can vouch for the strawberry shakes as being the best in the Valley.  It's called MacAlpines and it is located in downtown Phoenix at the corner of 7th Street and Oak.  With the backdrop in place I set out to find a model.

The first model that was earmarked for the project had to back out at the last minute and Christi Laver happened to be at the right place at the right time.  Her blonde hair, flirtatious eyes, and voluptuous figure made her a shoe-in for the project.  The make-up artist that I once again had the good fortune to work with was Dori Randall who was able to masterfully create the pin-up "look".  Next it was my turn to apply the body paint for the illusion of a waitress outfit.  And lastly it was Don Crossland's turn to capture the moment as our photographer for the session.  Great job team!

Airbrush Action magazine had asked me to write a "how-to" article for this pin-up themed session.  My article is now written and on my bodypainting page, however, the magazine has shifted their focus to hobby applications such as model trains and RC cars and they've chosen to not print my article.  The editor said that any body art they run now will be more along the
lines of temporary tattoo designs, not the "full-frontal" stuff anymore.


Ah, To Go Swimming In The Keys
by Mark Greenawalt

This is Gummi Girl.  Her beauty has graced the pages of Playboy more than a dozen times, she has appeared on the cover of numerous international magazines, and now she can add The Green Pages to her resume.  For nearly a year I have been trying to set up a session with Gummi and finally this past month we were able to find the time.  She is definitely a pro at the art of modeling and she is enthusiastic about contributing to the creativity of the photoshoot.  Don Crossland once again was on board as the photographer and he also noted that Gummi needed little or no direction to find the perfect poses.  

This session was part of the liquid latex swimsuits that I have been painting for Swimsuit Illustrated's on-line magazine.  The sponsor for the project is Deviant, manufacturers of the liquid latex paint that was used.  I've had this design on my mind for quite a while and I think Gummi really brought it to life.  The cool thing about a keyboard is that everyone recognizes it and can relate to it, but nobody owns the copyright to the image.  Check out my bodypainting page for more images from the shoot and additional info.


More Bullet Items
by Mark Greenawalt

-Congratulations to our Arizona Diamondbacks as they have moved on past the St. Louis Cardinals to face the Atlanta Braves in the major league baseball playoffs.  As of this writing, the Diamondbacks are three wins away from going to the World Series!  There is a minor family feud between my brother, the Braves fan, and myself.  He had a baseball themed wedding several years ago and the picture below shows his wedding attire (an Atlanta Braves tux?) and there I am, the best man, wearing the Arizona jersey.  Go D'backs!!!

-Several of my bodypainting images were featured this month in Mystique Magazine and this brought over 1,800 people to my site in one day.  Mystique is an on-line magazine of sexy glamour photography that has a very professional look.  It contains adult oriented material that, in my opinion, is very tasteful.  I was featured as the artist of the day on October 17th.

-The 2002 bodypainting calendars are still available.  Get them while they're hot.  This is a limited edition of 200 numbered calendars.  Thanks in advance for your support.

Type at you next month,
Mark Greenawalt

copyright 2001, Mark Greenawalt

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