The Green Pages
February 2002

The Alwun House 2002 Sessions  
by Mark Greenawalt

A good time was had by all at this years Exotic Art show at the Alwun House art gallery.  Six images were added to my bodypainting portfolio during my live body art demonstration at the event.  Check out these pictures and read more on this story on the website at .  I would especially like to thank Kay Kochman and Kristi Curiali for working with me again on this project.  They breathed life into my artform as they donated their time and talent.


Son Takes the Bronze
by Mark Greenawalt

Congrats to the U.S. olympic team for bringing home more medals than expected at the Salt Lake Winter Games.  I enjoyed watching this year's events as time permitted, especially the hockey.  I also thought Sasha Cohen was awesome.  Speaking of competitions, I want the world to know that my son, Sage, took third place in The Young Olympians Karate Tournament.  Instead of a bronze medal though, he was awarded a trophy for his excellent performance of Kata.  He is currently a green belt and his mother and I are very proud of him.


Apparently Nobody's @home Anymore
by Mark Greenawalt

I have been an @home internet subscriber for about 4 years, but things change.  As many of you are aware, anyone who had an @home e-mail address has had to change to a new service and e-mail address.  Luckily I use for my main e-mail account, but for those who still write me at , you'll have to update my address to .  Many of you have e-mailed me with your new addresses and I have updated my Green Pages mailing list.  Unfortunately I had some portions of my website residing on my @home webspace so I am now trying to convert everything over to the cox system.  Bare with me as I am forced into being "Under Construction" again. 


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More Bullet Items
by Mark Greenawalt

-Since February is a short month, I'll keep the newsletter short too.

-Upcoming events:

-Spring Break in Ft. Lauderdale and possibly a trip to Tallahassee to add to my state capital photo collection.
-Bodypainting photo session with photographer Paris Troy of Captured Studios for a coffee table book.
-Bodypainting photo session with photographer Don Crossland, make-up artist Dori Randall, and model Khani Hardin.

Type at you next month,
Mark Greenawalt

copyright 2001, Mark Greenawalt

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