The Green Pages
April 2002

Queen Okimot in the Realms of Fantasy  
by Mark Greenawalt

Every time that I am interviewed, one question invariably comes up:  "How did you get started in bodypainting?"  Part of my answer always touches on my early interests in the fantasy artwork of Boris Vallejo, Frank Frazetta, Michael Whealan, and Julie Bell, among others.  I would read science fantasy novels based on how cool the cover was and I took private art lessons so that I might one day emulate the "masters".  Recently a writer responded by asking if I incorporate my love of fantasy artwork into my bodypaintings and I realized that thus far I hadn't.

While brainstorming ideas, I became involved in a bodypainting session with the Los Angeles based model Tomiko who has an incredibly well toned physique.  The session was arranged by photographer Phil Edelstein of Las Vegas and was shot at Paris Troy's studio here in Phoenix.  I pitched the idea of a warrior princess to everyone and thus was created my first fantasy inspired bodypainting.  The character's name, Queen Okimot, stems from spelling Tomiko backwards.  The photoshop enhanced version of the image includes a photo from Florida's Islands of Adventure and an eclipsed moon that I shot several years ago.  The sword is from my collection and was purchased over spring break while I was in Florida.  Visit Tomiko's website at and Phil's profile at .  


Photoshoot for Phoenix Magazine
by Mark Greenawalt

As I mentioned last month, I am slated to be featured in the July issue of Phoenix Magazine.  I had planned on doing a body painting session with a model named Alison to accompany the article, however I was horrified to find out that the night before the scheduled shoot she was in a car accident.  She called and told me that she was fine, but that her car was totaled.  I truly wanted Alison to have the opportunity to get a "tear-sheet" from the magazine, but due to time constraints I was unable to postpone the shoot.

Fortunately, the photographer Don Crossland, was able to get in touch with Scottsdale model Myla Leigh at the last minute to fill in for Alison.  She was recovering from a cold and still felt a little under the weather, but she was very patient throughout the process and I really enjoyed her conversation.  You can see more Myla (pun intended) at and look for the Phoenix Magazine article coming soon to a bookstore near you! 


ASU's State Press Magazine Attends The Alwun House
by Mark Greenawalt

ASU student Josef Watson writes for the campus magazine, The State Press.  On Valentines day his article was published on his view of the opening night of this years Alwun House exotic art show.  The article is very well written and sums up the variety of artforms that are on display at the show.  Josef briefly interviewed me while I was painting Kristi Curiali in a Native American breast plate.  He quoted me and few comments from Kristi in the article and I invite you to visit the new page that I have added to my website that includes a reprint of the article and some new photos of Kristi from the event.  The address is and you can also go to the actual article on-line at .  Thanks Josef for including me and Kristi in your magazine!


Last Chance for a Calendar for 2002

Numbered Limited Edition

More Bullet Items
by Mark Greenawalt

-My son was in another karate tournament this month and received a first place trophy for the kata event.

-I attended the launch party for the new print version of Mystique Magazine in Las Vegas as a birthday present from my wife.  I met several of the models and took a lot of digital pictures (unfortunately the chip went bad and I lost all images).  My friends Don Crossland and Ed Clapper drove to the event and brainstormed a lot of new ideas for upcoming bodypainting sessions.  Keep tuned in for further details.

-A big congratulations to my friend and fellow song writer Chris St.Croix on completing his new video.  You can watch it on his website and vote for it on several other websites.  Best of luck Chris!


Type at you next month,
Mark Greenawalt

copyright 2001, Mark Greenawalt

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